LOST - Season 1 Episode 2 - Secrets and Recap Video

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Hey LOST fans! This is the 2nd in a series of secrets, theories, recaps, and situations that happened during Season 1 in LOST. IMPORTANT! This video was made during the break from Seasons 4-5. This way, we can see each secret of every episode, see how they relate to the future, and things we forgot about. This video has over 300 pictures from the episode and hopefully you can find some of the things you probably missed when watching LOST - Season 1 Episode 2 "Pilot, Part 2"!
1:15 = Fast Reflex Award
1:38 = Charlie Flashback on plane
2:16 = Charlie in front of plane?
2:43 = line blooper
2:58 = Shannon Hilton
3:09 = too much cleevage
3:31 = handcuffs
3:57 = Round 1! Fight!
4:45 = transceiver fixed
5:09 = Sun the rebel
5:20 = comic book
6:13 = Shannon feels sorry?
6:24 = Sawyer's letter
7:18 = backgammon
8:11 = Costco time!
8:23 = polar bear time!
8:42 = wait. polar bears?
10:09 = the gun
10:28 = Kate's Flashback on plane
10:42 = Cindy's mess-up
11:22 = zombie awakens!
11:52 = the distress signal
12:24 = the transmission
14:22 = "Where ah we?"
14:31 = Sayid's facial hair
14:40 = Unanswered Questions
"Tricky Swamp Style" by OC Remix (DK Country)
"Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye
"I'm a Soul Man" by James Brown
Good Posts:
" Ibni al Calb, translates to "your parents are dogs" not so bad in western world, but the worst in the arabic world.
Perhaps its a hidden message, perhaps James parents or one of them has been reborn as a dog aka. Vincent.or not :P " - greedex89
" Locke said he said a bright light in the jungle and, and he used the white pieces when he played backgammon and walt used the black pieces and the smoke has manifested itself as walt many times before. " - onwn
" The line blooper may not be a blooper according to Quentin Tarintino the subtle differences are used to distinguish the scenes as well give the feeling of different peoples perspective of same events. " - OGdbleE
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