Jonas Brothers-A Little Bit Longer (Nick Cries) *HQ Video

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Look Me in the Eyes Tour
Gibson Amphitheatre-Los Angeles, California
2/2/08-4pm show
A Little Bit Longer
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*Thanks to all of you guys for the comments on "A Little Bit Longer"! I tried gathering as much as I can, but of all the 3,0+ comments I got, I chose enough to fit 17 pages. I will be putting the comments in a scrapbook, then giving it to Nick when I go to their concert on July 12, 13, and 14. Thanks again!
*During 2:00-2:05 when Joe&Kevin comes in w/the guitars, Nick wipes away his tears. If you were there, and you looked at the big screen, which was perfect timing, you could see in the HUGE screen that he wiped away his tears for a few seconds on his left eye.No, he wasn't sweating.Helooked hurt. When he was walking down the stairs and looked out to the crowd, he looked so scared and lost in his eyes. He looked very sad. When he talked and says "When 6,0 people come together and sing a song." I was like WOW. I started crying and crying. I cried at this song all three times at all the shows. And when he says "The first time I played this was in LA so I hope you know." that was like.:] I seriously felt like the only one singing!I thought everyone knew the lyrics! So I just screamed it out, I wanted him to know that I do care! This is like the most amazing song written ever. It's my fav song of ALL TIME,especially coming from Nick, who has diabetes, just adds so much meaning to this song.
*When he claps, and the piano keeps on going, that's Ryan, their other keyboardist. If you paid attention he says "Come on Ryan, do this with me". And in the second part he says "Thanks, Ryan" That's when he stops, so when Nick stopped playing for the second time, there was absolute no piano playing.
*I was the one who said "Don't be sad, I love you!" :)
*I went to all three shows if you're asking.
*When they sang "Just Friends", I went over to the aisle section, which no one was supposed to be at so I stood out from everyone else, and I had this HUGE nick poster and I started jumping up and down, and just screaming so much, and yelling "I LOVE YOU NICK!",&I was waving at Nick, and he waved back!I was in his YouTube video, the one where they talk about making history on the Gibson Amphitheatre, I'm the girl with the poster around :24 and I brought the same poster to the concert, so that's the poster if you're wondering what it was. If you want to see that video here's the link: rmtzE .I'm like curious, did he remember me from the YouTube video or at the box office?! I'm still freaked out!I was like OMJ. accidentally deleted it so I could get more memory for my camera:[[
*He also pointed at us during Hold On! Like we were on the aisle again, but this time we didn't film it. Like every time they sang Hold On, me and my friend would hold hands and raise them up high, like I can't explain it, but like when we did that a couple times, he saw us getting into it, he stared at us for a couple of seconds, and then he pointed at us!
*check out my other video, "Don't Take My Heart and Put It on a Shelf", I think around 1:35-1:40-ish, Nick points, stares, and waves, then blow us KISSES!
*On "Take on Me", I think during around 1:26, he stares at us!

*8pm show, Kenny Ortega sat right behind us and we posed for a picture together:] He waved at us, smiled at us, and blew kisses to me!I was like a few feet away from him because the guards wouldn't let us go closer, so when he like posed and blew a kiss to me, I started screaming. And the other girl just looked at me weirdly.We also saw Miranda Cosgrove. After the concert we were waiting at Starbucks and then I saw this girl that looked a lot like Miranda Cosgrove.Whenshe left I was like to my friend, that looks a lot like Miranda Cosgrove!Then she looked and she was like that IS Miranda Cosgrove! I wanted to chase her and ask for an autograph and picture, but I decided not to.her hair is always curly on the show and everything, her hair was straight so it didn't look like her. She didn't look like I expected, actually she's taller than I thought, she's really pretty, and her voice is actually really kind of high!I have the iCarly theme song and I watch her show all the time! So it was a total honor to be close to her! Her co-star, Jennette McCurry, was also there! Other people were backstage including: Miley Cyrus, Emily Osment, Mitchel Musso, Madison Pettis, Selena Gomez, and the whole Camp Rock cast.
*For the Sunday show at 12pm, Selena Gomez, David Henrie(Justin Russo),&his girlfriend was there!
*Chelsea Staub was at all 3concerts.She sat at the middle in row 5.
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