Should Obama Go On FOX? (Dan Abrams, MSNBC, and DJK!) Video

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ril 25, 2008
Yes, that's right — that's really me, DJK (aka Jonathan Kim) on MSNBC's Verdict with Dan Abrams! It's my first television appearance, and I have to tell you that it was a very strange experience. But more on that later.
The topic of discussion was whether it was a good idea for Barack Obama to give in to Chris Wallace's Obama clock and appear on FOX News Sunday on April 27. As you can see, I think I was probably the most adamant about the fact that Obama really has little to gain from "addressing the FOX audience" since FOX will dissect every possible aspect of the interview to extract every possible microgram of negativity conceivable. And FOX is perfectly willing to lie to do it. And Abrams pointed out, Obama is legitimizing FOX as a news source, which is exactly what allowed FOX to gain the influence it has — by maintaining the appearance of a news network when they are really a republican propaganda machine.
The best way for Obama to turn his bad decision into a positive is if he goes after FOX and shows democrats and the world that he is, in fact, "in touch" with what democrats and most of the world knows — that FOX is a republican propaganda machine. He'll earn more respect of his base and show that he understands the role that FOX plays in legitimizing republican talking points. He'll show that he knows how the system works.
And if there's any fear that he might lose votes by alienating FOX voters, remember this — in the 2004 election, 88% of FOX viewers voted for George W. Bush while only 7% voted for John Kerry. Even white evangelicals, gun owners, Iraq war supporters, and conservatives didn't produce margins like that.
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