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This is a kind of help guide for those who want to know a great way to level up in Dragon Quest VI. Ones of the best methods by far is to kill Metal King Slimes who dole out about 30,0 EXP if you beat them.
In the video I'm fighting MKS in the Dragon Graveyard, my preferred place to fight them. For those of you who don't know where it is, the Dragon Graveyard is where you do the Cash & Carrie sidequest and is found in the middle of the large desert at the bottom of the Western Continent.
You can also find MKS on Howlwind Hill, in the Arcadia region, however it's only accessible by air. I prefer the Dragon Graveyard because MKS have the possibility of spawning with Beezlebuzzes, as shown in the video. Metal King Slimes can also spawn on their own, in twos, or with other monsters. Also be aware that Metal King Slimes are also quite rare, so you may have to search around a bit. I like to use Yangus' Whistle skill to encounter them.
The significance of Beelzebuzzes is that they have the ability to revive all other monsters by using Kerplunk. This means if you kill a Metal King Slime the Beezlebuzz will be able to bring it back to life again and you can kill it again for more exp.
Roles for the battle:
Hero - Using either the Thunder Thrust skill (Spears, 12 points) or Lightning Thrust (Spears, 59 points)
Yangus - Using either the Hatchet Man (Axes, 19 points) or Executioner skill (Axes, 66 points)
Jessica - casting Acceleratle to ensure your party goes before the MKS
Angelo - Doesn't matter. He can either clear out other monsters or attack a MKS and hope for a critical hit.
When you've got a MKS paired with Beelzebuzzes it is essential that you do not kill the last Beelzebuzz. Once you've managed to kill the Metal King Slime either kill all the other monsters there or defend until the Beelzebuzz uses Kerplunk. Once the Beelzebuzz uses Kerplunk, kill the MKS as fast as you can before it runs away.
In the video the MKS comes with two Beelzebuzzes. If you're wondering why I went and killed Beelzebuzz A after it had been resurrected instead of just killing the MKS and waiting for it to use Kerplunk again, it is because ONCE A BEELZEBUZZ USES KERPLUNK, IT CANNOT USE IT AGAIN EVEN IF REVIVED BECAUSE IT HAS RUN OUT OF MP.
As you can see I got about 60,0 EXP in the video, and it would have been 90,0 EXP if the Metal King Slime had not fleed at the end.
Most things should be self explanitory in the video, but if you're still stuck then just say so and I'll try to help
Tags dq8, dragon, king, level, metal, quest, slime, up, viii

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