Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 25) Video

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Part of a series of videos exposing the funny stupidity of creationists and why they deserve to be laughed at. In each case the creationist statements are shown to be outrageously stupid by even the most rudimentary knowledge of science.
In this episode Jonathan Wells of the creationist organization The Discovery Institute is taken to task over his bizarre assertions that the inability of a burst cell to spontaneously reassemble means that abiogenesis must be impossible. The bacteria is a modern organism.the end product of 4bn years of evolution. It is a complex organism and as such can compete in the biosphere using the fast reproduction 'strategy'. The reason bacteria are around today is they are vigorous reproducers. Jonathan Wells seems to be attacking the proposal that 'MODERN bacteria were the first life on Earth', which is in reality a straw man that exists nowhere outside of Wells's mind. The reasoning is similar to that used by Ken Ham, that you don't get abiogenesis from blended frogs. All of this seems to be ignoring the key factor that the biosphere is a harsh competition. There is simply no niche where abiogenesis could get a grip where it simply would not be out competed by life that has been around for 4bn yrs.
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