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I haven't made a 'music video' for a while, and I have lots of plane shorts so I knocked this up from most of the footage and put on Guns n' Roses 'November Rain' as the soundtrack. I have also written up an extensive video info section, so read it before you make any 'when did this happen' type comments.
Boeing 747 - This Video is very widely distributed, a 747 taking off just before the end of the runway, and passing less than 100 feet over plane spotters.
Another B747 - Performing a crosswind landing
Another B747 - Landing at St Maarteen Airport. The Airport has one 2345 meter long runway, 09/27, and the 747 is landing on runway 09, in which the threshold is only 80 meters away from a beach, the end of the runway only 2 meters away. If you want to see more amazing videos of this, look up the airport on YouTube.
Messerschmitt Me 262 "Schwalbe" - the world's first turbojet fighter aircraft, which first flew in 1941 with piston engines, and 5 years later with jet engines. The only two countries that used this plane were Germany and Czechoslovakia respectively, the Czechs retired these planes in 1957.
Boeing 7 - Performing a Crosswind Landing
Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning - Joint Strike Fighter, VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) Australia wishes to purchase around 100 JSF's to replace the aging F18 Hornets and F1's.
Extra 300 - flown by Peter Besenyei, a world renown Hungarian Aerobatics Pilot, in Japan 2006. He also participates frequently in the Red Bull Air Race.
Sukhoi Su-31 - The Pilot is Svetlana Kapanina, a world champion aerobatics pilot.
F/A 18 Hornet - Carrier launch, catapault.
RA-5C A5 Vigilante - A High Performance, Supersonic Jet Bomber made for the US Navy.
Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress - Takeoff from Seat overlooking engines 1 and 2, on the port wing. Filmed during Takeoff on a shitty day.
Unsure of the next aircraft, but apparently the pilot is Peter Besenyei. Beyond stupidity, but Bloody Amazing!
Aero Commander Shrike - In the cockpit with Bob Hoover at the controls. In a barrel roll, there are no forces acting on the plane (If performed correctly), of both acceleration or gravitational load forces. That is why the iced tea was able to be poured, even though the plane was upside down. An Amazing pilot and video!
F-14 Tomcat - Performing a high speed, low altitude pass of a carrier. The speed was probably around 550 - 600 knots, or 990 to 1080 km/h, subsonic (that was not a sonic boom) but still producing a very loud (120dB+) sound. Look at the water!
Grumman S-2 Tracker - it barely has enough speed to rotate, let alone cope with all the drag obtained from flying into the wave, but it still manages to climb out.
F-14 Tomcat - Another Tomcat performing a high speed, low altitude pass of a carrier. The speed was probably closer to 650 knots, or 1170 km/h, barely subsonic (that was not a sonic boom), probably even transonic, if you notice the large cloud forming, called the Prandtl-Glauert singularity.
Boeing 707 - Filmed during its flight tests. The pilot, Tex Johnson, performed during this flight a barrel roll, much to the dismay of his employers. However, the military were viewing the flight, and they were so impressed at the manoeuvring capabilities of the passenger jet, and signed a contract with Boeing to produce military aircraft. Tex was not fired for his stunt, just asked not to do it again.
McDonnell Douglas RAF GR7 Harrier - The Harrier in High speed flight, very widely distributed video of it passing just meters over the heads of the military personnel on the ground.
C-130 Hercules - The famous 'Angel' Flares.
F-22 Raptor - A tail view of the newest, most high tech plane in the world. The Raptor has performed brilliantly in its tests, apart from some minor flaws.
Extra 300 - Not much I can say about this one.
Tags aerobatics, aviation, awsome, crashes, crazy, death, fatalities, flying, jets, pilot, plane, supersonic, transonic, turbine

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