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FIFA 09 Trailer "Analysis"
"Showcasing" "Analysis" I don't know what to call it.
I made this video to showcase some of the many new features in EA Sports FIFA 09! Everything from Off the ball movement to fans holding up banners! I think EA did an amazing job putting this together and to be honest I don't think most people reilize how much EA shows in ths Trailer. None of the stuff mentioned in the vid is news that hasn't already been announced(So you won't find any secret infromation here), but I still feel like it's important to point out all the great new features:)
The first thing you see in this video is the main referee in the background. This has been requested by FIFA fans forever and EA has finally answered our prayers;) FIFA 09 will have a referee running out on the pitch among the players, calling fouls and waving his hands.
The next thing I've pointed out is the amazing goalkeeping by Peter Cech. First you see him dive to the right and he barely saves the ball with his right foot. Cech gets back up quickly(He's up even before Rooney gets time to power up his shot), then he takes a beautiful dive and catches Rooney's deadly volley. You'll definetly see a lot more like this in FIFA 09. Keepers now have a "smarter brain", they're faster and they're better than ever! Goalkeepers will be able to change direction during a dive and reach behind their backs. Can't wait!
In FIFA 08 players would normally have to do at least two touches before he had complete control over the ball. In FIFA 09 it only takes one! Look at the perfect control by A. Robben. Chests it down and then a quick and precise pass. Looks great!
Ribery does a few stepovers before he gets taken down hard. The new tackling system is just unbeliveable. I've never seen anything like it. How the player falls depends on his momentum, his size and strenght and which leg he stands on at the time. If, let's T. Henry, is running with the ball, his opponent goes for a slide tackle and hits Henry's left leg. If Henry's left leg is in the air he will probably carry on running. But, if his standing on his left leg while getting tackled(On his left leg) he will most likely get brutaly fouled. The new "falling-animations" are simply amazing. I never thought I would say this, but late tackles in FIFA 09 looks beautiful!
You will be able to use a bullet man when defending a free kick. This can be very helpful if you're opponent takes a lay off free kick(which also is one of FIFA 09's great features). I'm sure the bullet man won't hit the ball everytime, but in this trailer he does, and I'm pretty sure EA did that to show people that it can actually be useful to have a crazy players sprint all he got towards the ball when defending a free kick.
One important factor in FIFA 09 is size and strenght! Stronger players will now be able to take advantage of their attributes like never before. Ronaldo vs. Rooney in a heading duel. Rooney wins it easily cause of his strenght. People, size matters!
Jingle bells, jingle bells. The weather in FIFA 09 looks great! You can see in this a variety of different weather. Sunny, overcast, nighttime, even snow!
Not only does a main referee run out on the pitch, you also have linesmen watching throw ins and the offside line;) Watch out, he's got the eye of an eagle;)
Players can mak one-two-passes and call for teammates to go for a run. One-twos are much better and way more responsive too! In this video you see Rosiscy and Fabregas playing football as it should be. Precise one-two-passing, before Fabregas makes a run down the left side and recives a through ball from Arsenals #7.
Pirlo makes a clever dummy pass, followed by a lovely fake shot-sole pass by Kaka. Ronaldinho goes for a shot at goal using the outside of his boot, it looks incredibile, you can see he stands on his right leg and kinda leaps forward into a perfectly executed shot. This is called on standing foot shots. .and .scores(Of course he scores)! I didn't point this out in the vid, because I didn't notice how perfect (and new) it was. A friend told me about it:)
I think EA did a great job showing all the new features in one trailer. 14 teams and to many players for me to even bother counting. EA, great job!
This is just something I made for fun and if EA, YouTube or any other company, brand, or person with the "power" to do so asks me to take this video down I will!
I am not aware of any copyright rules so please let me know if this is somehow illegal.
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