Honey Bee Helicopter setup tips and some modifications. Video

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Setup and modifications for the Honeybee CP2, CCPM, helicopter
Hope these tips help those who email me on such matters.
It is too expensive, as you know, to keep breaking the real thing.
So try my rules of thumb:
Have someone hover that knows how to trim it out, don't let him fly it though, just hover!
(It is hard for a beginner to know what is wrong, the helicopter, or him!)
Never ever watch the tail rotor!
Why? Well you have to watch the nose, just like an airplane, cause the controls are crossed.
Most novices think right rudder makes the tail boom and rotor go to the right. Nope, it goes to the left and the NOSE goes to the right. So watch the nose.
Again, Right Rudder is right nose, like doing a right stall turn with a plane.
DO not attempt nose in, because all controls are backwards, and very difficult. That will come naturally later on.
Never fly away until you can hover, because you will never get back without being able to hover and land! That is always expensive.
Once in the air, it is really easy to fly. It is just like an airplane, elevator (Fore and Aft Cyclic) will make the helicopter fly up and down.
Aileron (left and right Cyclic) will make it roll just like an airplane.
You will never need to use the tail rotor, as it just follows behind, unless you need to make sharper turns.
**But, when you come in to land, you have to pretend you are using rudder (like on airplanes) as it will steer the heli in just like it does on the planes.

*But at hover, you really have to keep the NOSE still and the tail rotor motor gets a Real workout. Let it cool 5 minutes after flying 5 minutes.
Always fly at eye level, because lower flights are more difficult because of ground effect.
And don't let people watch you when your learning.
They cause more crashes, because they always egg you on or you feel pressured to fly for them.
Never chop the throttle stick. It must go down gently or the blades will hit the tail boom, when the skids slam down on the ground. That's called a boom strike and is especially expensive on a shaft or belt driven tail rotor heli.
Remember: (No chop stick, no Bang Boom)
Never forget what your last maneuver was and never forget it.
Ex:(Remember what you did last, when flying)
Oh, and.
Memorize this and you will become a good pilot.
Remember: "If you continue to do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten".
Good luck,
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