Kakashi's Letter: A Tribute to Kakashi Gaiden Video

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.::Kakashi's letter to his former team mates::.
Ya I just finished reading the Kakashi Gaiden Arc. Too bad they aren't making it in Anime.
*UPDATE 8/12/08: Thanks to some people, there are rumors that Kakashi Gaiden will be turned into an anime after the Itachi arc. If that's the case, then we'll be waiting for a while.
After finishing this video.I realized something.barely any one draws Kakashi Gaiden. I know I shouldn't be complaining because I'm not gonna do anything about it.but just saying.
Song:Swing Life Away by Rise Against
Anime: Naruto
I made up "the letter" on my own.
Kakashi's Letter (if you couldn't read it. I'm sorry): I miss you all so much.it took me forever to accept that you're gone. Even if I didn't show it, you all meant the world to me.There's so many things I wish I could go back and redo.then maybe.You would still be here. So I hold all the things we did together as some of my dearest memories. I visit you everyday. I try to keep your spirit living as mcuh as I can. I have my own team now.and they remind me so much of you. But now.I know that I'll never forget you. I feel really honored to know people who could show me more kindness in one day than anyone else in their lifetime. I guess what I really need to say is.thank you.for being in my life.
STATUS OF RIN: Whether or not Rin is dead or not is unknown. Kakashi said to Sasuke, "Everyone who I cared for is dead" or somethin among those lines. The woman who stood beside Kakashi in the episode where the village was going to the 3rd Hokage's funeral IS NOT RIN!! That woman is Hayate's girlfriend, Uzuki Yuugao. I'm pretty sure that Rin has ever been mentioned directly in the anime, and the only mention of her in the manga was in the Kakashi Gaiden Arc.
STATUS OF OBITO: *SPOILERS!!* The very last we saw of Obito DIRECTLY was when the rocks were falling on him. It is true that Tobi is a slight anagram of Obito. Tobi also has a mask that conceals all of his face except one eye. That one eye is his left and it is a Sharingan eye. If it was Obito, then it would make some sense. But the manga is currently favoring the fact that Tobi maybe Mandara Uchiha, the founder of the Uchiha clan. Some theories are that Mandara somehow managed to recover Obito's body and use it as his (Mandara) own, such as Orochimaru's talents to transfer from one body to another. Another one is that Obito avoided the rockslide and is living under the alias of Tobi. We are unsure of what happened exactly, but remember, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN
6/03/08 UPDATE: SWEET!! Over 30K views!
4/23/08 UPDATE: Wow.over 10 views.I feel really honored
Tags 239, 240, 241, 242, 243, 244, 4th, against, away, chapter, gaiden, hokage, kakashi, life, minato, namikaze, naruto, obito, rin, rise, swing

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