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This is a video response to a PM from Skavar40, who asked if I would comment on the end of life. Tough subject.
I wrote him this letter, which I'll read to you as my video.
I admit I have not dealt with end of life issues at any length. I'm not sure I can. As I approach my own end, I do think about it, but the only thing I am sure of is that I won't go groveling to any god saying, "Just kidding, God. Me 'n' you, right?"
I have had at least a couple of jerks here on YouTube remind me in a supercilious way that I am not long for this world. One (who I just blocked) sent me a PM saying "I have good news and bad news. The good news is, Jesus is coming. The bad news is Jesus is coming. Whether it's good or bad news depends on whether you're standing or kneeling." That's a paraphrase, of course. He is not the only one to point out that I am old and should be looking to Jee-zus before it's too late.
One person I have looked to for "end of my own days" inspiration is Robert G. Ingersoll, who said, "So far as I am concerned I am immortal; that is to say, I can't recollect when I did not exist, and there will never be a time when I will remember that I do not exist." That quote has been a big help to me.
No person in my lifetime has ever come back from the dead to say that there is an afterlife or a heaven or a hell. The only ones said to have been resurrected from the dead (excluding people whose hearts have stopped and received an electric shock) are hearsay accounts from the Bible and other ancient screeds. Lacking evidence, there is absolutely no reason to believe that any living creature survives the death of its body and brain. Period.
I had all that religious mumbo-jumbo drilled into my head from earliest memory, so it naturally assumed a place in my subconscious. That little pang I get occasionally comes from that early immersion in religion. But it has with me the status of superstition, and I have mentally grown past it. It has the same place (and the same stature) as avoiding ladders and throwing spilled salt over my left shoulder into the devil's eye. It's silly, and belongs to the childhood of mankind. Adult minds should be able to shunt it to the back and out of sight. And they could, if they didn't go weekly (and weakly) to a placed where another person, as ignorant as they, reinforces the superstition by repeating the old lies in solemn surroundings and to the singing of hymns.
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