Stephanie McMahon- February 11, 2002 Part 2 Video

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couple then got onto the stage and sang "When you came into my life" for Triple H and Stephanie, as is the World Wrestling Federation tradition. Stephanie was clearly beaming the entire time.
The minister said that Triple H and Stephanie had written vows to each other, and Stephanie was first. Stephanie said she took Hunter as her husband again, in front of the world, because she wanted to share how she felt about him since the moment she laid eyes on him. She said his smile lit up her heart, his touch made her feel safe, and his words gave her encouragement. She said he was the only one who ever really heard her, and she felt they were destined to be together. She closed by saying, "I love you!"
Now it was Hunter's turn. The Game said that Stephanie's speech was beautiful, and he was overwhelmed. He said he too wanted to tell her how he felt about her. He said they'd been together for more than two years, and they'd had their ups and downs, but despite all of that, last week when she said he would be a father, it was the greatest moment of his life. He said that since that day, he had looked at her in a different way -- not just as his loving wife, but as the mother of his child. He said that when your wife is pregnant, you love her more.
He said standing here tonight, he saw her in a different light again. He said tonight he saw her not just as his loving wife or the mother of his child, but he saw her for what she truly was -- a no-good lying bitch! He screamed at her, asking how she could do this to him! He asked why she had lied, accusing her of hiring an actor to play a doctor, and then faking a picture of their unborn child. Hunter said he had done some pretty bad things, but even he would not go so low. He said she disgusted him, and she cared about nothing but herself, and she never cared about him. He said she didn't have to worry about "us" any longer, because as of this moment, their marriage was over! He said they were through!
Vince got in The Game's face, pushing him away -- causing Triple H to knock Mr. McMahon to the ground! He then destroyed the altar, and gave Vince a Pedigree! Stephanie got right in The Game's face, and he snapped, shoving her to the ground! He ripped the wedding ring off his finer and threw it down onto his soon-to-be ex-wife! Stephanie screamed at Triple H as RAW went off the air!
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