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Ah-HAH! Well some of you might be wondering and worried (probably none of these) about why I have never updated upon my Final Piano Collections Recital performances. Well during these past few weeks after I first started my whole Final Fantasy Piano Collections Recital Performances (ouf, excuse me for the long title!) I have come about to rework on the title piece, "Sleepless City Treno." Finally my brother, Man Ho Park, has allowed me some time to properly "use" the piano. What a !@#$in' piano hog! Oh well.
Well basically I have started to slowly work my way through my Final Fantasy Piano Collection Pieces. I shall also speak about my second edition of Sleepless City Treno. For these past two weeks like I said before I was reworking on the Treno piece come-and-go alongside with my next "Final Fantasy Piano Collections Recital Piece" which will be "Melodies of Life." After finally feeling satisfied with my Sleepless City Treno Piece (which my satisfaction took around 50 to 60 outtakes) I have realized that I will not be able to re-master the piece at all! I still made mistakes. and to me when I think of the term to "re-mastered," it means one who successfully accomplishes his or her perfection. And I realized I can not play a perfect performance. I still make slight mistakes which are barely noticeable. I understand my brother has used the term "re-mastered" because perhaps he believe it is his best play performance. I understand perfection is not possible but to downplay his term "re-master" I have decided to use the term "renedition." Well the funny thing is. after today, when I tried searching that word up, well, THE WORD DIDN'T EVEN EXIST! That was very surprising and I felt a little embarrassed. "Oh silly me, Kyle you silly boy!" Ah well. so I thought about another word(s) term. And the word I will be using from now on when I do a re-take of a performance shall be "Remediated Edition." Now what do these words mean? Well "remediate" means "to fix" (to correct) and "edition" means a copy. So when you combine these words you get a fix edition. I thought these words properly fit my own personal preferences. The terms "Remediated Edition" fit properly to my tastes because to me remedy means to fix. and to fix means to be continuous. So once edition got out there I thought this would be more proper meaning that time always has to be in play. So what does this mean? It means sometimes if I must I will video tape my Final Fantasy Piano Collection Recitals more then twice. and post those. perhaps this might happen more than thrice! (Let's hope not -_-)
So after all this. we finally boil down to my performance (it's not like any of you read this anyway ^_^")
Further on I shall due my own personal critique (although they will be minor!)
[I had to post my own critique in my own comment box due to to the video description character limit.]
Tags cheonhopark, city, collections, fantasy, ff9, ffix, final, garnet, manhopark, music, nobuo, piano, sleepless, treno, uematsu, zidane

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