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This video is with regard to so called hypocritical Reverends who are more concerned about conspiracy theories on how the government uses HIV to reduce the black population, however, they turn a complete blind eye to the over 10 million black innocents who have been aborted and this is why our fellow black citizens are on a path to extinction here in the United States. Obama is the king of the reprobates since he signed the LIVE BIRTH ABORTION BILL. Obama is a wolf in sheep's clothing who is hiding behind the cross to engage and further his destructive agenda.
Who is Obama?
Frankly, I never knew who he really was up until approximately 6 months ago. I was too busy helping with the McCain primaries. When McCain won the Republican primaries, I quickly followed the news with regard to Obama and Hillary and watched their debates.
Most everyone knows of Hillary Clinton because of Bill Clinton, and most of us knew that we did not want our television sets filled with Bill Clinton type of "cigar" stories again. The thinking Republicans went heavy up against Hillary because of her husband. We knew who Hillary was, but we did not really know who Obama was up until the Hillary supporters were writing stories against him. [url]w.noquarterusa.net[/url] in particular.
So just who is Obama?
I'm sure several of us know that Obama attended a black liberation theological church for YEARS. He tithed thousands to the Trinity / Reverend Wright church that referred to the United States as the US of K A. Obama tithed thousands of dollars to the church where the minister said, "Na, na, na.God DAMN America", because this same idiot thought the government helped spread HIV to our fellow black citizens. The hypocritical and idiot Reverend Wright is worried about HIV reducing our fellow black citizen population so let's expound on the population concern shall we?
13 million black innocent lives have been prevented since 1973. At this rate, and as Pastor Childress states: "Our fellow black citizens are on a countdown to extinction and are below replacement rate". But where do we hear the idiotic so called Reverend Wright talking about the black genocide that was started by Margaret Sanger's "Negro Project"? That's right! Margaret is the founder of Planned Parenthood and she started the Negro Project in an effort to curb black citizen population! Why in the hell aren't the other two cheap pimps -- Rev. Jackson and the so called Reverend Sharpton addressing the real genocide problem? All one has to do is Google "black genocide" to find out who started Planned Parenthood and the evils involved with that. Did you know that Planned Parenthood Accepts Money from Donors Wanting to Target Black Babies?
So, guess who their "Planned Parenthood minister" is? You guessed it! None other than Barack Obama. In fact, Obama signed the live birth abortion bill that allows doctors to leave babies to die in dirty linen baskets should they make it out of the womb alive!
Where's Reverend Wright in this matter? Where is his outrage? So the next time conspiracy theorists/kool aid drinkers start talking about the US of K A and our government spreading HIV.they'd better start taking ownership for their own annihilation. They better re-think who they choose as their President and search his heart before they suffer their own consequences. Martin Luther King became great because of the gospel. Obama is self destructing when he does not uphold the Protection of LIFE, in fact, Obama has it backwards -- he would rather protect LIBERTY before the Protection of LIFE. Thank God our American forefathers had it right and put LIFE before liberty -- in that order. The Creator and Divine Providence will always support what we create, while others like Obama are hell bent on destroying LIFE. I know democrats who wouldn't support the LIVE birth abortion bill, but Obama sure did! Spare me the unity speech, Obama, you're as liberal as they come and you hide behind the cross so that you can work on your destructive agenda. I think you are hiding behind the cross so that you can hide the connections you have in your own family and their radical ideas. You are none other but a wolf in sheep's clothing. Alan Keyes was right about you being a hypocrite all along and it is a matter of time before the American people catch on to your ways and your liberal socialist agenda.
Long Live the American Revolution. Don't forget to visit johnmccain.com to become an "Ace". Tell them DD sent ya. Take care.
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