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Made By Vinnie SideshowBob: I've taken over every area of the park, there's no place yu'll be safe from me! And now, enjoy yur ride that's about to be demolished. WHILE YUR RIDING IT! Hahahahahaha!
Homer: ooh! A rollor coaster!
Lisa: dad. I'm scared
Homer: sweetie, they won't kill yu at an ameusment park, as long as yu've got a dime in yur pocket.
SideshowBob: there's nothing yu can do! Yur about to die!
Homer: yu sound like my doctor!
Simpsons: augh
SideshowBob: ah, my next victims. So anyway, where were yu all?
Homer: Bob, not only are yu not killing us, I'm having fun!
Marge: homie they said to stay seated!
Homer: that's just a load of -ah!
SideshowBob: ahahahahahaha!
Homer:I always get sick flying backwards DOH! Hey! I can see our car! Ah. You guys haven't seen a giant steel ball have ya? Ah! You don't wanna hurt me ball! Were both big and round and never finished high school!
Homer: save me tourists!
Simpsons: Ah!
Krusty: welcome to a magical journey through my mouth!
Nelson: haha! Yur all gonna die! Haha!
*Crashes through Happy Little Elves in Panda Land Sign*
Bart: a kiddie ride oh. :(
Lisa: at least we're safe.
Lisa and Bart: ah!
*Elves Sing*
SideshowBob: Will you please SHUT UP!
*Hits Elves*
SideshowBob: Say whe!
Bart and lisa: ah
Homer: ah. alone at last
Marge: Bob's trying to kill the kids!
Homer: it just gets better and better.
Homer and marge: ah!
SideshowBob: Now Homer, becuase I want to be fair, a piece of advice. Resist every temptation I've placed in front of you.
Homer: ooh! Beer!
Marge: homie its just a temptation!
Homer: when did beer ever hurt anybody? Uh oh. I hate chain reactions!
Homer and marge: ah!
SideshowBob: you've foiled my plans for the last time!
Bart: You've soiled yur pants for the last time? Haha!
Lisa: We'll save you! Onward convenient whale!
Homer: Maybe that exit sign leads to an exit!
Homer: Augh! Marge! Stay away from the ramp!
Marge: what?!?!?
Homer :augh
DOH! I mean ramps!
Simpsons: augh!
SideshowBob: Now! For the unkindest cut of ALL!
Dramatic Music*
Maggie: huhu
Lisa: Look what the radiation did to maggie! Ah!
Homer: and they grow up so fast !
SideshowBob: oof! Ta ta tourists!
Prof. Frink: do not fear! A nerd is here!
Devil: ah.
SideshowBob: I'll give yu back yur pacifier, If yu destroy SPRINGFIELD!
*Crashes into Springfield Sign*
Chief Wiggums: THe baby is wet and presumed cranky!
Homer: I'm not gonna change that diaper!
Marge: mommys coming giant maggie!
Bart: come on Maggie! Destroy sumthing!
Marge: stay away from my baby!
SideshowBob: AH!
Maggie: oh!
Lisa: Maggie! That's not a pacifier!
Marge: get tourists out of your mouth. You don't know where they've been!
Maggie: bleh!
Homer: ah. Home sweet, DOH!
Kang and Kodos: foolish earthlings! Don't you know all rides must end near the gift shop?!
Simpsons: augh
Homer: My bussoms are slapping my face!
Lisa: thanks for nothing gravity!
Ralph: I'm a baby bird!
Marge: This must be the part where they take your picture! Smile!
SideshowBob: I've still got about five seconds to kill somebody! Hello folks.
Simpsons: augh
*crashes on Sideshow Bob*
Homer: WHAT A HORRIBLE NIGHTMARE! Thank god this ride is over!
*Maggie pushes krusty head and the ride ends*
Homer: Lets go again!
"Krusty: Well that's our ride. hey what does THIS do?"
Tags hollywood, orlando, ride, simpsons

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