The most beautiful rendition of Ave Maria I've ever heard Video

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OK 1st This is NOT Maria Callas!! OK ITS NOT!
Please forgive the rather poor editing. I threw the clip together as best as I could however, my patience with this kind of thing is limited (I wasn't particularly happy with all of it) but no matter it's the song that counts and that's why I had to upload it. Please give me some comments if you like the song.
Ps I'm sure it's German she's singing it in =)
Pps If you're wondering why the crazy pics well, I had nothing else to put with the track and its kinda hard to know what to use when you're dealing with a prayer.
maybe this is correct I don`t know
Ave Maria! Maiden mild!
Listen to a maiden's pleading
from these rocks, stark and wild,
my prayer shall be wafted to thee.
we shall sleep safely till morning,
though men be ever so cruel.
o Maiden, see a maiden's distress,
O Mother, hear a suppliant child.
Ave Maria, undefiled!
When we upon this rock lie down
to slumber, and they protection covers us,
The hard stone will seem soft to us.
If Though smilest, the scent of roses will float
Through this murky cavern,
O Mother, hear a child's petition,
O maiden, 'tis a maid that calls!
Ave Maria, Maiden pure,
the demons of the earth and air,
drien forth by thy gracious glance
cannot stay here with us.
we will camly bow to fate
Since they holy comfort hovers over us;
Mayest though be favourably inclined to the maiden,
To the child that pleads for her father!
also the singer is barbara bonney to all that want to know.
ALSO! Please stop putting religious quotes on my video I don`t wanna start having to approve comments but I will. THIS PAGE IS NOT FOR PREACHING NOR IS IT FOR DISSING OTHERS BELIEFS. man I thought this would happen when I used ave maria my most favourite song ever, only a matter of time. :(
so stop it or ill delete em al including my video hahahha =)
ps hello Marian =)
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also I'm not trying to sell anything on here or try to promote or anything but if you wanna buy this song as people are asking me where to download or can I send them the song. Well sorry, I cant send you the snog because I lost all my itunes due to my PC messing up. Here though is the URL for any guys who wanna hear the CD
Tags ave, beethoven, classical, deutch, fabian, franz, german, lara, maria, mozart, orchestra, schubert

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