Shabad Gurbani (Kaun Jaanei Gun Tere) Video

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Shabad Gurbani (Kaun Jaanei Gun Tere) by Bhai Dalbir Singh Ji
Following is the shabad, transiliteration and english translation --
aUc Apwr byAMq suAwmI kauxu jwxY gux qyry ]
ooch apaar baeanth suaamee koun jaanai gun thaerae |
O my lofty, incomparable and infinite Lord and Master, who can know Your Glorious Virtues?
gwvqy auDrih suxqy auDrih ibnsih pwp Gnyry ]
gaavathae oudharehi sunathae oudharehi binasehi paap ghanaerae |
Those who sing them are saved, and those who listen to them are saved; all their sins are erased.
psU pryq mugD kau qwry pwhn pwir auqwrY ]
pasoo paraeth mugadh ko thaarae paahan paar outhaarai |
You save the beasts, demons and fools, and even stones are carried across.
nwnk dws qyrI srxweI sdw sdw bilhwrY ]4]1]4]
naanak dhaas thaeree saranaaee sadhaa sadhaa balihaarai |4|1|4|
Slave Nanak seeks Your Sanctuary; he is forever and ever a sacrifice to You. ||4||1||4||
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