2005 Starleague Best Highlights Video

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2005's best Korean StarCraft highlights - 15 minutes required to see for every StarCraft fan!
Finally it's here; a 15 minutes of pure entertainment with the best of 2005's in the Korean leagues. Indeed we are talking highlights; they really know how to produce! The movie has gathered the best and most amazing clips from 2005. It's only 25 MB which leaves it with a terrible quality. The sound is still there though - the only thing most of us will understand is screaming korean commentators and fans.
The movie includes:
# 10. GoRush vs [ReD]NaDa
(IOPS 04~05 Semi-Final A Group 1Game)
# 9. Anytime[gm] vs SlayerS_'BoxeR'
(So1 2005 Final 1Game)
# 8. Stork[gm] vs [ReD]NaDa
(2005 2nd Dual Tournament A Groud Loser's Match)
# 8. SlayerS_'BoxeR' vs July_Zerg
(ShinhanBank 05~06 Round Of 16 B Group 4Game)
# 8. July_Zerg vs GoodFriend
(EVER 2005 Final 5Game)
# 7. Nal_rA vs GoRush
(SKY 2005 Pro-League 1Round 13Game KTF VS SKT T1 AceMatch)
# 7. [NC].YellOw vs GGPlay
(So1 2005 Round Of 16 D Group 1Game)
# 6. [Red]NaDa vs GoRush
(You are the GolfKing 2005 MSL Winner's Group Final 2Game)
# 6. July_Zerg vs [ReD]NaDa
(SNICKERS 2005 All-Star League 2Round Playoff 2Game)
# 5. InToTheRainBOw vs GoodFriend
(CYON 05~06 MSL Loser's Group 1Round 4-2Game)
# 5. Anytime[gm] vs [NC].YellOw
(So1 2005 Round Of 16 D Group 3Game)
# 4. [Oops]Reach vs The_Rock
(2005 2nd Dual Tournament E Groud Winner's Match)
# 4. GoRush vs [ReD]NaDa
(You are the GolfKing 2005 MSL Final 1Game)
# 3. [Gsp]JJu+__+ vs Iloveoov
(UZOO 2005 MSL Winner's Group Round Of 8 1-1Game)
# 3. [Oops]Reach vs Iloveoov
(UZOO 2005 MSL Loser's Semi-Final 2Game)
# 3. [Oops]Reach Iloveoov
(UZOO 2005 MSL Loser's Semi-Final 3Game)
# 1. [Oops]Reach vs ChoJJa
(UZOO 2005 MSL Loser's Final 4Game)
What made me scream out loudly when seeing all the moves was not only the incredible action, the screaming korean commentators or the skill displayed - it was the fact that these games are real ones. It's one thing doing awesome things in practice games, but as the above list displays, these were no such games. These were serious games where losing in most cases meant you're out of the tournament.
A must see for every StarCraft gamer!
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