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March 03, 2007
Finals - Best of 5
Savior 0:2 Bisu - Game 3
Last week, Savior destroyed NaDa(T) 3-1 in the OSL Finals. As a result, he became the first person to reach 6 consecutive major league finals. Today, Savior is in the MSL Finals, playing for his 4th title against none other than Bisu(P) who has never even made an MSL appearance before.
Savior's ZvP matchups have always been his forte, with an amazing win ratio of about 83%. But even that didn't stop Bisu from taking the first 2 games. Now in the third game, and with the score at 0-2, Bisu only needs to take one more game to claim his first MSL title.
Map - Blitz X
Savior - red zerg @ 1
Bisu - teal protoss @ 11
We have all witnessed many of Savior's matches, but the one matchup that mattered the most ended a bit differently. Bisu (especially for a protoss) did the unthinkable against the Maestro by crushing him 3-0, which was completely unexpected. This was like defeating Boxer or July in their prime.
The following is an interview with Bisu after his win, translated by rinizim from
-You have won in your first attempt at MSL.
▶ I am so happy I have defeated the current 'bonjwa' Ma Jae Yoon. During New Year's holiday, (Kim) Dong Hyun Hyung really helped me a lot staying at the dorm the whole time. I would also like to thank all others who helped with my training. I did not focus too much on the Royal Road, since MSL never had one. I am surprised I have become the one to achieve Royal Road.
-You crushed the opponent with 3:0.
▶During the training, I discovered a good build against Zerg. For that, I was also disheartened (when I lost during practice using this build), stumbling across thoughts like "I really can't lose like this tomorrow". I guess I was able to win, because Ma Jae Yoon chose builds that are relatively easy to deal with instead of difficult ones. No one else believed I'd win 3:0 except myself (smile). I think I showed them real good, winning it 3:0 (smile).
-You are the youngest league champion in the history.
▶I am more happy I am the youngest league champion. I also feel pressured to make more new records, but nonetheless I will win more leagues making more and more records.
-When did you think you can win the league?
▶After the first set, I thought I could win. Ma Jae Yoon seemed very tense. His coordinations (in critical situations) were not his usual responses. Also in third set, it seemed as if Ma Jae Yoon did not perform his fullest potential in his play.
-How do you feel now as a champion?
▶I thought (Park) Sung Joon Hyung was really cool when he won a league last time. At that time, I thought 'I want to stand on that pedestal'. Having won a league, I can now understand the exuberance Sung Joon hyung must have felt at the time. I will carry this on to catch up to Sungjoon hyung's championship career.
-Were you not particularly nervous, because it was Ma Jae Yoon?
▶Undoubtedly, I was very pressured. Not to mention he is the 'Bonjwa', but also he is so dominant against Protoss. So I had to think "he is a mere Zerg', and for that I was able to win.
-We heard your winning ratio was very good in training.
▶The win lose ratio in training is just a ratio and no more. I think winning many practice games does not result in performing well in broadcasted matches.
-Your use Dark Templars were exceptional.
▶The nuclei of today's strategy was the Dark Templar. Across many practice games, Dark Templar seemed to work the best. It is really efficient because it can kill a drone in single slash. From now, the use of Dark Templar will be more frequent. My Dark Templars will be unpredictable. They will pop out of nowhere. They should start being cautious of my Dark Templars now.
-You have clearly proved wrong the postulate that your gameplay might be worsened because of the vacation the team took.
▶I didn't think too much of it. But, people around me worried very much. I took a relaxing vacation taking time off, and Ma Jae Yoon was not able to have any rest going through finals after finals. I think I won because of that.
-What did coach say after the second set?
▶After the second set, he ordered me to "empty my mind as if this is your first match". I think the game played out more smoothly because of that.
-What did your parents say?
▶I tend not to talk much before any match. So, they didn't say anything before the match. After the match, they encouraged me that I have done well.
-What is your 2007 season's goal?
▶Just as I have said it before, I lacked in confidence. From now on, I will display myself more confidently. I will not lose in matches. I found much confidence due to this championship. I will continue to win more leagues based on this (new found) confidence.
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