SlayerS_`BoxeR` vs JulyZerg @ RPoint Video

Time23 min
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IntoTheMSL - Boxer vs July @ RPoint
This game takes place after both Boxer and July already qualified for the next stage of the Starleague, so this was basicly a friendly match.
You can see they don't give it 100%, Boxer could have used alot of Micro and July could have used alot more Macro :-)
But of course when it comes to these 2 players there's no such thing as a real friendly match, and although its not for qualification- it is for pride.
8 rax, Sunken Break, SCV vs Drone, Ensnare, Plague, Swarm, Vulture Harrass and some nice Mines action. watch a relaxed high level game.
Tags boxer, broodwar, july, july[z-zone], julyzerg, msl, rpoint, slayers, slayers_`boxer`, starcraft, starleague, terran, vs, zerg

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