The New Kids Chapter 2 Video

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Time2 min
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Cam Gigandet as "Scar"
Blake Lively as Stephanie Caldwell
Margarita Levieva as Haley Vanderholt
Sean Faris as Abram Vanderholt
Rafi Gavron as "Scotch"
Shia Labeouf as "Ace"
Steven Strait as "Red"
and Pierce Bronsan as Jack Vanderholt
Abram-"Did you go down to the docks today?"
Haley-"Yeah, I did." Haley ran her fingers through her hair. "Where's Dad?"
Abram-"He's upstairs, we'll leave in about six minutes for the airport." He leaned forward with his hands clasped together. "So, how was your last day at school?"
Haley- "Ah! you know same old, same old. Say goodbye to my friends, and cry my eyes out. In fact I've cried so much that I think I won't be able to cry again.ever."
Abram laughed.-" Yeah, sounds pretty much the same."
Haley- "What about you?"
Abram- "What about me?"
Haley- "How was your last day of school Mr.Popular? How did Erin take it? She must've been heart broken."
Abram- "What do you mean how did she take it?"
Haley- "You know what I mean. Ever since you've met her in second grade you've never liked anyone else."
Abram- "Ok, ok so maybe I do have a crush on her but the problem is that I kind of didn't tell her about the move."
Haley- "You didn't!?"
Abram stood placing his hands on his head. "I know it was a stupid thing for me to do." He paced back and forth. "I don't know.I just..I.maybe I'll find another girl with the same qualities as Erin but it's not possible!"
Haley- "Yeah, sure whatever."
Abram- "Haley you're supposed to help me through this."
Haley- "Hello? I wasn't the person that didn't tell Erin i was moving today. Now was I?"
Abram- "For a sister you know you're pretty evil I'm the one that's supposed to be evil. Not you."
She sighed;she didn't like getting in these stupid arguments with Abram. They were pointless and a waste of her time. She could hear the stairs creek as her father came down them. As he came into view Haley felt sick inside she didn't like her father, he wasn't the same person he was ten years ago. He stared at Haley then at Abram. He walked past her and opened the door, Abram following close behind her. As they reached their uncle who was more than happy to see them. She thought for one moment. Would this move be four the better or for the worse? Either way they were moving. The drive to the airport was long and silent, it was raining hard now and it seemed like it would never end. Taxi cabs blocked the streets, people running franticaly with umbrellas trying to get out of the rain. They said goodbye to their uncle, grabbed their suitcases, and hurried inside. They boarded their flight Haley sat next to Abram while their dad sat across from them. Haley leaned against the window and thought about the place they called home, she was now leaving. Her eyelids became heavier and heavier she decided to take a nap, only a small one.
Abram- "Haley, Haley wake up we're here."
Her eyes slowly opened. - "What? How long was I asleep?"
Abram- "Ten hours."
Haley- "Ten hours? Ok, alright." Haley yawned then stretched, her mind still in a sleep state.
Abram- "Come on we should go." He got up and helped her since she wasn't getting anywhere. Their dad in front of them making his way through the crowd of people. After they got off the plane, they grabbed their suitcases from baggage claim, they hopped in their dad's rental car, and drove awhile longer. The sun beamed down on them, it was hot here in Florida very different from Maryland. A sign was coming up it read: WELCOME TO CRESENT BEACH. It's letters were almost worn away. It seemd like the place was abandoned gas stations, stores, homes, streets, local dinners looked like a ghost town. Time seemed to stop here, like you're the only person in this small city. They whinned down a street, with huge trees and their branches acting as a canopy above the street. Kids chased each other, others were riding bikes. She smiled. They were having so much fun and yet it made her jealous the happiness they had almost made her sick. The car pulled to a stop. There was a storage truck in front of the house where they would live another part of their life in. The men began to move the furniture inside the house, Haley went inside it was a quite large house, she slowly went up the whinding staircase and pushed open the first door she saw, it was a large room. Probably a master bedroom she assumed, her fingers trailed the walls feeling every inch of it then she stopped slowly sitting on the wooden floorboard. Looking up at the white ceiling above her. Abram knocked on the door she looked over at him he shoved his hands inside his pockets and slowly walked over to her.
There's Chapter 2
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