Metal Gear Solid 2 - Emma's Death (Complete) Part 1 Video

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Again, another scene that had been chopped up in the files I downloaded. I mean, they cut Otacon going "But what's wrong with E.E.?" for crying out loud! They also cut one of Otacon's few monologues (which is in part two) that I thought was especially important too, so HERE WE ARE.
This is such gratuitous angst piled on Otacon for no reason. It actually almost makes me angry. Otacon has enough angst to deal with just by creating Metal Gear REX and being semi-responsible for the MetalGear!Cold War, christ. Even then, I mean, his stepsister dying? Okay, I can deal with that, that's cruel but whatever. His stepsister having a crush on him? Okay, that's pushing it, but it's still tolerable. BUT THEN KOJIMA THROWS IN THE WHOLE SLEPT WITH MY STEPMOTHER INCESTUOUS SEXUAL ABUSE AND IT'S LIKE WTF STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT THIS IS SO GRATUITOUS AND RANDOM AND IT'S SUCH BLATANT RETCONNING OTACON NEVER ACTS LIKE THIS EVER HAPPENED TO HIM AND ARHADG
Pet peeve with mgs2 sorry.
I love how awkward Snake and Raiden's reactions are to Otacon's sobbing in this. They're just totally out of their depth.
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