Metal Gear Solid - End Theme / The Best Is Yet To Come Video

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I know, that you want to ask anyway, so my messenger is
I know, that you are interested about this music ^_^
^-^ Just to make sure, that you dont take another video, becouse this propadly is the music your seaching for :3
Someone may also call this Chord theme, but I think, that End theme is the right one xP
(Oup, The Best Is Yet To Come is official name :P Pretty odd name)
All scenes are from Metal Gear Solid 1 (PS 1 version, that means ORIGINAL! -.- )
I really hate Twin Snake version xP
Snake is so stupid there, and Meryl smiles when she gets shot? o.O ?
This is my favourite childhood game, so I grow with this ^-^
Others are Legend Of Mana, and Valkyrie Profile
Both are very touching games =P
And nowadays the biggest game companies, what is =D
Disclaimer: I do not know, is it un-right to make music video about game? O.O
But anyway, the song is from game, and this only is a good puplic to Metal Gear Solid products ^_^
So, please dont delete it =3
This is first time, I put this one here :3
Plz, let Metal Gear Solid fans enjoy this =D
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