MGS2-26-True Lady Luck Video

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This is a cutscene from the video game Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty/Substance.
I do not claim to have made this video or recording it. I just want to share with others what I like
This is a crazy cutscene. and yes I did kinda skip a cutscene. Ocelot officialy betrays Solidus, shots Fortune (:O that's a shocker, a bullet actually hit Fortune)and lots of other stuff.
In this cutscene, Fortune is still alive (lol "I'm not quite dead yet") after Ocelot thought he shot her in the heart, but it turns out Fortune's heart is on the right (instead of the left which is the common spot where the heart it). She and Solidus try to shoot Ocelot but all their bullets are deflected by the 'gizmo' that was used by Fortune but without her knowledge. Ocelot hops into the last Metal Gear Ray standing and is about to take out all of them but then in steps Fortune. She believes she has the power to deflect bullets, that she didn't need some 'gizmo' and somehow she can. and she saves Solidus, Snake, and Raiden from tons of missiles and such before she dies from the gun shot wound in her chest. :(
With her dead, there's nothing to stop Ocelot from firing the lazer thingy. Actually there is. Liquid. lol Snake says one little word (which is 'No!') and Liquid decides to take over. He wants to go and . do something.. *shrugs* and Snake is able to break out of the handcuffs and follow after him. and personally I kinda like it how the Ray stands all the way up straight when Liquid is in control.
and no, I haven't uploaded the final battle cutscene with Raiden fighting Solidus. Cause the video I have, the sound is off. so you're better off seeing the final cutscene somewhere else.
for a long time I didn't allow comments on this video and others because they would constantly get spam for inappropiate websites. It seems to have died down so I'm letting people comment again.
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