Mikan is Everywhere to Natsume (NatsumeXMikan) Video

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Ok..So there are two Stories behind this AMV.. (i may edit this later on.. Im too sleepy to think lol..) Also please do IGNORE the subtitles.. Boo.. for me for not uploading Raws! lol..
The 1st one is just a made up fanfic (or whatever you may call it)..
Natsume and Mikan met when they were still young. Natsume liked Mikan but because of what he lost and also because of his dangerous missions he stayed aways from Mikan. One day Natsume had an accident and was hospitalized. And when he woke up the first thing he sees is Mikan. After he got out Natsume asked Mikan why Mikan still stays with him after he shoved her away. Mikan didn't answer. At the festival everyone was talking about how dangerous Natsume was. But then Mikan suddenly showed up in front of him again. After a while they start to hang out together. But an incident happen. The two of them got taken away to (to be sold) by Reo. Reo tried to brainwash Natsume. But Natsume tries to fight this and remembers the day Mikan gave him a gift (flashback then cuts). As Reo proceeds brainwashing Natsume, Mikan then pushes him away and tries to save Natsume. After this Natsume told Mikan to leave. Again the flashback continues. Then as Natsume was about to burn the building. Mikan stopped him. They manage to escape reo. Natsume tells Mikan to just go. But Mikan told him no! And proceed to tell him that he is not alone. He has her. After sometime the two got caught as one of the men pushes Mikan, Natsume gets angry. And created an explosion. After they escaped, Natsume tells Mikan he loves her but Mikan couldn't answer yet. Natsume was left reminscing about the past. After sometime the two bumps on each other without saying anything. Mikan then stares as Natsume leaves.
Anyway the 2nd one is that..
This is as i said NATSUME POV! With or Without the weirdo story I made up.. Its all fine.. Its will still look like a Natsume POV! I also tried my best to match the words with the scenes! Lastly.. Hope you enjoy! Its my very first AMV!
Anime: Gakuen Alice (Alice Academy/Gakuen Arisu)
Pairing: Natsume Hyuuga and Mikan Sakura
Song (Opening): Walkway By: Kelly Clarkson
Song: Everywhere By: Michelle Branch
Song (Ending): All You Wanted By: Michelle Branch
UPDATES: Watch my Video response for Mikan POV! (another AMV of mine)
My Other Video Response.. (Bring Me To Life) is Mikan and Natsumes POV! ^__^ Please Watch.. Rate and Comment! Thanks!
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