Stronger Remix - Kanye West feat. V Double O Video

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the V Double
Kick through your speakers like Nikey sneakers
Popping holes in tweeters, known to push boundaries out to Venus
I got, super powers or maybe I'm just an alien
What doesn't kill me makes me get stronger like Super Seijin
So, whatever power level's read off me originally's
Guaranteed to rise and multiply like multiplicity
So, why don't we kick the beat?
Relax, unwind and take a seat
I'm Double man, that's trouble man
Let's get it on, pick up the speed
From the second the pen hits the paper
You and I can embark on a caper
We can put a foot down in the car outside, take ride from the fury and haters
You can take in the sights while we dart round the city
Make ruckus in every area
And I know I just told you relax but I don't want your shoes on my custom interior
It's V Double on a remix, man
Bang a lyric till you feel it, man
People calling out my name's all love
But still, do you really gotta scream it, damn!
Still got my ears ring ringing from the last time
Still got my tongue spinning from the last line
Still quick, still sit on hits and I'm still here spitting rhymes on Cloud 9
Every knock to the floor I receive
Makes me better and harder to beat
Through the thick and the thin I proceed with a grin of a winner you cannot defeat.
Put that to the sideline now
In the raves with the raised eyebrows
From the rave to the road paved out
With a chick in the whip, let it just play out.
This chick only rocks designers; that much is plain to see
That's cool, she's rolling with the finest, that's just the way it be
Gucci, Prada and Luis Vuitton, so ostentatiously
On a track with the Luis VaDon, so that makes sense to me
It's not prudent for me to choose not to move to the beat
So I kick a groove on the street that gets you move on your feet
Compare my power now to when this verse started and see
I'm Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.
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