Sailor Moon 83 ENG DUB Part 1/3 Video

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This is the first episode of Sailor Moon S and called Premonition of World's End Mysterious New Warriors! and in the eng series its called Star Struck, Bad Luck. BE WARNED! The voices are really going to annoy you. =( enjoy
ok since few people were complaining about the audio for eps 83+, first its not the audio its jus that from 83 and on its a new season called sailor moon s and then eng cast were mostly replaced so it sounds different.
This is from anime news network :
eng cast of sailor moon r (up to eps 82):
Emilie Barlow as Raye/Sailor Mars (eps 66-82)
Karen Bernstein as Amy/Sailor Mercury
Katie Griffin as Raye/Sailor Mars (eps 41-65)
Stephanie Morgenstern as Mina/Sailor Venus
Susan Roman as Lita/Sailor Jupiter
Terri Hawkes as Serena/Sailor Moon
Jill Frappier as Luna
Rino Romano as Darien/Tuxedo Mask (eps 1-11)
Ron Rubin as Artemis
Toby Proctor as Darien/Tuxedo Mask (eps 12-40, 42-65)
Vince Corazza as Darien/Tuxedo Mask (ep 41)
Alice Poon as Catsy (eps 54-57)
Barbara Radecki as Ikuko/Serena's mother
Colin O'Meara as Andrew
David Fraser as Grandpa Hino
David Hubard as Serena's Dad
Jennifer Griffiths as Avery
Jill Frappier as
Luna Ball (ep 58)
Queen Beryl (ep 82)
Julie Lemieux as Sammy
Kathy Laskey as Birdie
Kirsten Bishop as Emerald
Liz Brown as Wicked Lady
Liz Hannah as Doom Tree
Lyon Smith as Prince Sapphire
Mary Long as
Catsy (eps 58-82)
Nadine Rabinovitch as Patricia Haruna
Norma Dell'Agnese as Prisma
Robert Bockstael as Prince Diamond
Robert Tinkler as Rubeus
Roland Parliament as
Sabrina Grdevich as
Anne Granger
Luna Ball (ep 68)
Trista Meiou/Sailor Pluto (eps 68, 75, 78, 82)
Steven Bednarski as Chad
Tracey Hoyt as Rini
Vince Corazza as Alan Granger
eng cast of sailor moon s (eps 83-120):
Emilie Barlow as Mina/Sailor Venus
Katie Griffin as Raye/Sailor Mars
Linda Ballantyne as Serena/Sailor Moon
Liza Balkan as Amy/Sailor Mercury
Susan Roman as Lita/Sailor Jupiter
Jill Frappier as Luna
Loretta Jafelice as Diana
Ron Rubin as Artemis
Stephanie Beard as Rini/Sailor Mini Moon
Vince Corazza as Tuxedo Mask
Barbara Radecki as Ikuko Tsukino (Serena's mom)
Benji Plener as Hawk's-eye
David Fraser as Grandpa Hino
Deborah Drakeford as Fisheye
Jason Barr as Tiger's-eye
Julie Lemieux as Sammy Tsukino
Loretta Jafelice as Eugeal
Mary Long as
Robert Bockstael as Pegasus/Helios
Roland Parliament as Melvin
Steven Bednarski as Chad
Susan Aceron as Elizabeth
Tanya Donato as Melanie
Tony Daniels as Dentist
Daniela Olivieri
Jennifer Gould
Rowan Tichenor
hope this clears things up
I dont own Sailor moon, or anything Sailor Moon Related
Tags 83, dub, eng, moon, sailor

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