Sailor Moon Anime/Manga Comparison 4 Video

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Before watching this video, please be sure to have read the top half of the video description for Part 1 of this series so that you understand what this project is all about. You can find Part 1 here:
comparison focuses on the differences and similarities between the stories of the Silver Millenium as told in the anime and the manga. All of the major scenes in which the Silver Millenium is discussed are used. As you will find, the anime actually followed Queen Serenity's "voiceover" in the manga pretty closely. However, there are evident differences in the overall "aura" of the story and the way Serenity and Endymion die.
Act 9: Tuxedo Mask has been fatally injured after taking a hit that was meant for Sailor Moon.
Act 10: The Sailor Senshi travel to the moon and meet a hologram of Queen Serenity.
Act 12: While trapped within Metalia before the final battle (mentioned in comparison 3), Sailor Moon has a flashback to the Silver Millenium.
In the manga, Serenity is portrayed as more "goddess-like" than she is in the anime.
The theme of "forbidden love" is emphasized in the manga.
The relationship between Serenity and Endymion is more ethereal and less stiff in the manga than in the anime.
In the manga, Endymion dies while protecting Serenity, after which Serenity commits suicide.
The background music in the manga section is the piano version of 'First Love' by Utada Hikaru.
I think everyone is fairly familiar with episode 44 in the anime, which is why I decided to show only a handful of scenes, since the Silver Millenium story takes up over 15 minutes in that episode. I selected parts of scenes that I thought would be especially important in showing both similarities and differences.
The images you see are not full manga pages. I split the pages into pieces so that the image can be bigger on the screen, allowing you to read the words more easily. I also excluded some panels that were not crucial to this particular comparison in order to shorten the video length. Even so, the manga pages in this particular comparison will move fairly quickly, so you'll need to read a bit faster or pause the video on each "page." Sorry, but it was the only way I could keep the video under 10 minutes. ^^;
There are websites where you can download the scans of the entire manga series! Please feel free to message me or comment this video to ask for a link to such a website. I'll be more than happy to send it to you!
Please rate & comment!
Thank you to SailorOdango for suggesting this comparison! ^_^
Tags 10, 12, 35, 44, act, anime, bishoujo, comparison, endymion, manga, millenium, moon, sailor, senshi, serenity, silver

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