The Person Diamond Is Video

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Time5 min
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Winner of 1st place in SailorHarmony's Sailor Moon Vid Contest - Round 14
Audio: "So Far Away" - Staind
Ending Audio: "Take Me Away" - Seether
Diamond's main goal was to give his people happiness on Earth. But not being able to notice that him and his people were being corrupted, Sapphire discovered it. But the Wise Man would not let his own plans be ruined, so he tried to kill Sapphire but Sapphire escaped to Earth. Knowing that he needed to warn his brother, Diamond, he attempts to see his brother and show him how blind they've been.
When Diamond thought he had it good, Sapphire calls him down to talk but before Sapphire is able to tell Diamond what he needed to, Wise Man silenced him. With his brother dying before his own eyes, Diamond is in grief and walks down towards Sapphire's body. Diamond cries and is angered towards Wise Man, leaving to his crystal castle.
The next scene shows Diamond's dreams of his favorite memory of the peaceful time him and Sapphire had. Still shocked about Sapphire's death, hoping this is all a nightmare, Wise Man find's Diamond vulnerable and manipulates him, telling him that Sapphire was a traitor. Diamond is still in doubt and leaves to think. His thoughts go back to how the future once was, and he thinks of his lover, Neo Queen Serenity. As soon as he thinks of her, the past Neo Queen Serenity, known as Sailor Moon, shows up, tells him that he's bein corrupted and Sapphire died trying to warn him. Sailor moon looks at him, putting all her emotions through her eyes to let him know that she speaks the truth.
Diamond remembers Sapphire's last warning just as Wise Man's attack was going to hit. Diamond refuses to believe it and the next day comes. Serena wakes up in their bed and finds Diamond looking over her, he had obviously been brainwashed once more for he called Serena a liar, he never knew how he could love her for she wanted to see his downfall, and that he was going to fulfill his plan and take over Earth, destroying everyone in it. Diamond finally snaps back to normal and realized what he said after seeing the look into his love's eyes. He told her that he was sorry and that Wise Man has truly corrupted him. Diamond discovers that Wise Man was spying on them, yelling at him. Wise Man continues trying to manipulate Diamond but Diamond remembers the life he had before Wise Man came in the picture.
Having his brother's death flash in his mind, Diamond see's things clearly now, realizing how stupid he was to have been manipulated. Diamond and Wise Man engage in battle while Sailor Moon watches from the side lines. She is soon attacked by the Wise Man for he blaimed her for ruining his plans, but Diamond jumps in the way to save her life. As he slowly stands up, embracing his wound, Sapphire's death flashes in his mind once more, giving him the fire he needed to initiate a final attack.
After Wise Man's demise, Diamon falls in Sailor Moon's arms and tells her not to cry and that he did truly loved her. Sailor Moon cries harder for her dying lover. As Diamond lies in her arms, memories of his life flash before his eyes, all the good and bad. He finally dies and the next scene shows Diamond crossing over to Heaven. The next clip backtracks to when Sapphire dies and crossing over to Heaven as well. The brothers finally meet up again in Heaven, back to the time where they were happy.
The End.
CLIP INFO!: I get asked this alot, where do I get my clips? I have them on DVD and those I didn't have, friends have lent me their DVD's. I use a decrypter that was given to me from a friend to put them on my computer. No, I'm not able to send them to you. No, I don't know the episodes that I used, I don't have them memorized. Now please stop asking, Thank You.
DISCLAIMER: This video is PURELY fan made. It is in no way associated with the musical artist or the cartoon company. I do not own the song or the show, all material is used for my personal use and not for gain. All material is copyrighted to it's original owners
Tags diamond, man, moon, sailor, sapphire, wise

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