2001 Transylvania no Mori (Kaiteiban) [01/14] Video

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2001 ウインタースぺシャルミュージカル 美少女戦士セーラームーン 決戦/トランシルバニアの森[改訂版] -最強の敵 ダーク・カインの謎-
2001 Winter Special Musical Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Kessen / Transylvania no Mori (Kaiteiban) -Saikyou no Kataki Dark Cain no Nazo-
The second part to the Dracul series, and the longest Seramyu musical. It is the revision of the Transylvania no Mori musical with very important plot changes. Michiru announces she is going to Europe for her tour and invites everyone to come, but Usagi, Makoto, Minako and Haruka failed their chemistry exam and if they don't get a perfect score on their retake they won't be able to go on winter vacation! At the same time, Count Dracul's daughter Vampir is seeking revenge due to the manipulations of a witch named Lilth of Darkness. Mix in the Sammael Quartet, Lilith of Darkness, Baron Giles de Rais, and a mysterious girl named Shiva Shingetsu Astarte, the Senshi might have a lot of troubles on their hands. The story may take a while to understand since so much is happening, but it is essential to know in order to watch the next musical. First musical of Kawabe Chieco, a popular Japanese idol who also played Naru in PGSM plays Mercury. Murata Ayumi, one of the best Venus' begins with this musical, as well as future Mars Honma Risa plays CereCere. Mochizuki Yuuta returns as Count Dracul, Ono Hikari plays Bloody Dracul Vampir, Kawasaki Miki plays Le Fay, Yukimura Yoshiya plays Mandrake, and Endou Ado plays Demon Lillt. This is the graduation musical of Kanda Eri, who plays Mars. Japanese audio with English subtitles.
* Set me free~ユーロ~ Set me free -Euro-
Sailor Moon - Kanbe Miyuki
Sailor Mercury - Kawabe Chieko
Sailor Mars - Kanda Eri
Sailor Jupiter - Hayashi Yuriko
Sailor Venus - Murata Ayumi
Sailor Uranus - Takagi Nao
Sailor Neptune - Asami Yuuka
Sailor Pluto - Hosaka Yuuko
Sailor Saturn - Tomioka Mario
Sailor ChibiMoon - Takabatake Kasumi
Tuxedo Kamen - Edo Hidemasa
Count Dracul - Mochizuki Yuuta
Bloody Dracul Vampir - Ono Hikari
PallaPalla - Saeki Seira
JunJun - Ajima Niki
CereCere - Honma Risa
VesVes - Suzuki Miho
Death Vulcan / Shiva Shingetsu Astarte - Hosoda Aya
Lilith of Darkness - Imamiya Tarika
Baron Giles de Rais - Miyauchi Yutaka
De Brinvilliers - Yamakawa Noriko
Le Fay - Kawasaki Miki
Mandrake - Yukimura Yoshiya
Demon Lilit - Endou Ado
Demon Lilim - Ogino Izumi
Tags 2001, cain, dark, eng, kaiteiban, kanbe, kataki, miyuki, mori, nazo, no, saikyou, seramyu, subtitles, tnmk, transylvania

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