Emily Osment and Mitchel Musso- If I Didn't Have You Lyrics Video

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This song was NOT origanally by them. It was a song from Monsters Inc. and made by Randy Newman. Also, this ong is about friendship, so I really don't want to hear rumors just because they redid a song made like 5 years ago. They are co-stars on Hannah Montana, so I'm not really surprised.
Away from my nagging, I would like to point out, considering I forgot to put this in there, that this was a request by hannahmontanafan3.
FAQ time. (I know these questions are gonna pop up so I might as well)
Q: Where did you get this song? Can you send me it?
A: I downloaded it off the interent and no.
Q: Why is this so confusing to follow?
A: It was tricky to make because I'm not use to this version. Also the lyrics were changed a little so that made it harder. But It should be accurate.
Q: Are they in love?
A: Hmmph. Doubt it. It was a song origanally from a Disney Pixar movie called Monsters Inc., the song was made to be about friendships and stuff, not love like everyone thinks. Also, they're co-stars on the same show so it doesn't surprise me.
Q: How do you know?
A: My school chorus did this song and we listened to it on a cd before we performed it and there were little side noted in back of the cd so we learned a lot about this song. Also, if they were in love, there would be a million things out there about it in newspapers and stuff.
Q: May I make a request?
A: Feel free! I have plenty of time in my life for this so go ahead. Just be careful of what you ask for though.
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