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Nathan Hughes has be graciously granted much of your respects and I know he appreciates all the kind words. Many of you have enjoyed his craft so much that you have sought him out with praise and words of encouragement on
Nathan, an incredible and inspiring talent on bass, great husband to Kate and new father now sits at the proverbial crossroads.
A small but talented recording studio in the Boston area saw his video and has expressed interest in bring him into the studio for a secession.
For all those who enjoy Nathan's unique music and style, this is a call to push him down the path we all would so enjoy watching him follow. Please take a moment to head over to Nathan's Myspace page where he resides and encourage to mark a new beginning, for himself, for his family, for us, the fans. A humble guy often too shy to divulge his own talents to friends or in public, Nathan has a chance to deliver, if only once, a performance we can all take to our private places and enjoy with simple remarks of a job well done or spread to our friends who might need a little of what he has to offer.
It's been said before and even promised but as we all know life often times leads us down a path outside our control. Nathan is going to do an album and all of you on Youtube and Myspace who have taken the time to write kind words of encouragement to Nathan personally are the reason. Stay tuned and I promise, hell or high water we will hear more from Nathan, the most recent Nathan, the humble yet talented guy who smacks up the bass. You who have made friendship with Nate will get a copy of whatever comes out, whether left on the cutting room floor, on the shelves or out there in cyberspace, I will promise you all something you can call yours, to be copied, shared, spread but most importantly to be listened to and enjoyed
Thanks all, for helping Nathan out. It's taken some pushing from us all but I know it will come out of him in the end for our glee and satisfaction. Remember write to him, say hello, ask for the music and be kind, he's truly a guy of great simplicity but immense talent.
Nathan, I wish I could say im sorry for the new write up but i'm not. When I was a kid may father would play Grand Funk Railroad albums and tell me how Mark Farner was the man. It wasn't until I was 15 years old I understood what he felt for Grand Funk. Rushing home from school, the tour bus parked on my street, through the door and standing in my house was Mark Farner.My dad invited him over to my home for pizza and a chat while they were touring in CT. I was more impressed my dad tracked him down then I was Mark accepted the invite. I laugh now, 16 years later, but when I search for tunes on Youtube every once in a while I fire in the GFRR and watch the maniac rip on guitar and it brings a smile to my face. Bet you didn't know my Mark Farner! You, like me probably remember the album cover of the band naked on the hay bails. Point is im not sorry for holding you to the coals but im only following the example my father set. Let someone know if they made a small difference in your life or thinking and that's what im doing.
Your friend humbly el.
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