Lights - "February Air" (Old Navy song) Video

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Better-quality QuickTime at racco/lights/
Here's a better lip synced version of the "February Air" video that I made in September of 2006. I was sad to disable the other one because it had more than 155,0 views and more than 700 comments, but YouTube doesn't let you replace the video without deleting everything. Because of the way YouTube transcoded the video, the audio in the other one was totally out of sync, even though it was fine in the master.
Anyway, the video was done for only $500 with only two hours with her because she was getting on a plane that afternoon. It was meant for use only as a 30-second promotional clip (that's why nothing much happens in it), but I had the footage, so I extended it out to the length of the song.
The video was shot at the beginning of September, so it was actually not cold at all, but quite warm. The winter coat is a prop and I added the snow that starts about halfway through in post-production (though you can't see it as well on YouTube).
Everyone keeps asking the same questions over and over, so here are the answers to the common ones:
• The video was shot in Toronto in September of 2006. The video was shot on this rooftop, if anyone is THAT interested:
• Old Navy picked up this song and some of her others for their 2008 spring campaign.
• Her name is Valerie Poxleitner, but she goes by "Lights."
• Yes, she's a blast to work with and a fantastic person and talented artist.
• Her MySpace is noise
• A 6-song EP is finally available on iTunes in Canada, and a 4-song one on iTunes in the U.S.
• Yes, I shot the video.
• Yes, her hair is long now.
• Yes, I realize that nothing much happens in the video.
• She's signed to Underground Operations in Canada ( )
• The Old Navy spots are at
• The dark clouds in the video are real.
• The "snakebites" that commenters mention are the piercings in her lip (I don't think she has these anymore).
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