Devil May Cry 4 Nero Combo Movie " The Emotional Devil " Video

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First of all, I am sorry to upload this late.
I did not have enough time to practice and due to my personal reasons, the production has been delayed .
I have spent very little editing time to this Vid and it too least amount of time in my life. It took about a day and half .
I have already found music that goes with the character " Nero " so that's probably why it took less time . ( Dante as well )
To be honest with you, I like this music and I like the overall melody, sound of electronic guitars and techno like tempo. More importantly, it fits to" Nero " really well .
but,I did not really like the shouting vocal's voice in the beginning but now I think it is okay after hearing it for multiple times.
About combo, I have planed something different than other DMC Combo vid.
That is to make combo with " FROST " being the focal point. From what I have experienced, it was much more difficult to put combo than scarecrow.
Also, the canceling inputs were different for each enemy, depending on the special parts of the body .
For example, for scarecrow, Calibur canceling where you cut horizontally, works better. However, for big enemies such as FROST Aerial Rave canceling where it cuts vertically, works better.
Specially, it does not work to do Calibur canceling twice or more to FROST. Also, I have found another canceling during I was digging nero.
That is " D.T canceling ".
D.T canceling is the nickname that I have made but the nickname really fits. Only Nero can have this technique.
If you want to know this technique in detail, have a look at this vid.
I wanted to create variety of combo with not so variety nero technique.
While I have chosen the good ones out of 140 that I have created, there are may combo that are not part of this vid.
( This might be released in some ways in the future ..)
The maximum number of times that I did Calibur canceling is thirteen. ( Maybe even more ) However,the finish was not that good.
In this vid, there is Calibur canceling combo which was successful for ten times.
The words that I have thought so that it could fit the character Nero were immature, incomplete, clumsy, young, etc. for the title of the this Movie.
After thinking over this matter for long time, the end result is " Emotional ".
because the words " immature "," clumsy ",and " incomplete " can be used to ignore the character NERO .
Also, it is not very easy to see very many Emotional Devils in the world and I thought it really fits with this character so I made this decision.
In my opinion, for some reasons, " someone " is giving power to nero .
because, he tries to do anything to protect his girlfriend. and also, nero feels sadness, pain and anger for the protect his girlfriend.
Compared to rational Vergil and Dante, nero is very emotional and impatient and little bit incomplete young man.
I think, a strong attachment to save Kyrie ,it's the motive force which provides him with power
lastly, I don't know why " he " gave nero the his power.
but,The on thing for sure is that " he " also has warm heart.
That's probably why " he " is helping nero .
Download page 1 -;10316088;/fileinfo.html
( 1 GB, Super HD Version )
Download page 2 -;10316153;/fileinfo.html
( 600 MB, HD Version )
PS . I am planning to use this band's song for my next video after this video. But the problem is.
If many DMC players get to know about this band, a song for my video can be used by someone earlier than me.
If it happens, my plan will be in trouble and people will think that I might have plagiarized a certain player's song. Therefore, I do not want people to know about this band if possible.
Of course, it's fine if people already knew it. However, if someone steals a song for my video that I am going to use, it will be driving me crazy.
When there are people who ask about this song, please use a personal message.
Even if someone, especially DMC professionals, are going to use this band's song that is my plan to use, I want the person to tell me what song he/she is going to use. :)
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