Goku Defeats Yi Xing Long (Dragon Box Rip) Video

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This is a clip from Dragon Ball GT episode 63: 奇跡の逆転勝利!! 宇宙を救った悟空 (A Miraculous Come-From-Behind Victory!! Goku Saves the Universe) This episode originally aired November 12, 1997 in Japan.
In this clip, Son Goku gathers the Genki of everyone in the entire universe to finally put an end to Yi Xing Long.
This clip was ripped directly from my Dragon Ball GT Dragon Box set. There are NO subtitles, so don't go cryin' about how there are no subtitles in the video. Can't be arsed to edit in subtitles either. Instead, I've written down the subs from the US DVD (Japanese audio/subtitles selected) and will place them here.
DO NOT ask for full episodes. Not gonna happen. Same goes for US dub clips. No way in hell that's happening either.
Yi Xing Long: So, you've finally snapped, have you? You can rest in the same grave as Goku!
Vegeta: What the hell are you talking about?
Vegeta: You've lost.
Yi Xing Long: What?
Yi Xing Long: Y- you're still alive?
Goku: I can't die just yet, you know.
Goku: Not until I've put you away.!
Goku: This here is the hope of all Earthlings!
Goku: The cry of an Earth that has been broken up, and made a wreck!
Yi Xing Long: T- this can't be! Surely, you're supposed to be dead!
Yi Xing Long: D- damn!
Goku: Say, Kaio-sama, can you hear me?
North Kaio: I can hear you fine, Goku!
North Kaio: You get it, huh? You've just gotta finish him off with the Genki Dama I taught you to do!
Goku: This itty bit won't get it done!
Yi Xing Long: Fall! Fall! Fall!
Goku: This itty bit will never defeat him!
Goku: But I've already taken all there is to be had on Earth!
Goku: That's why now, I need to gather Genki from throughout the universe!
North Kaio: Genki from throughout the universe? You've hit upon something incredible there!
Goku: I'm asking you, Kaio-sama, to let my voice carry throughout the universe!
North Kaio: All right, leave that to me!
North Kaio: Hey, East, South and West Kaios!
North Kaio: That's the situation, so give me some help here!
Goku: People of the universe! Share your Genki with me!
Para Para Bros.: Ponpara pappa ponpappa!
Para Para Bros.: That was.Goku's.voice.!
Goku: Okay? Raise your hands up toward the skies!
Para Para Bros.: Right, right, left left! Turn around.and raise both hands!
Videl: What is all this?
Pan: That Ki was from the Imeggans! And this one comes from the people of Galvo Village! And this one is from the believers of Lood!
Pan: Grandpa.!
Goku: Thank you, Kaio-sama! Thank you, people of the universe!
Yi Xing Long: Die!!
Yi Xing Long: W -who are you!?
Pan: Grandpa!
Pan: Grandpa, you're like a god!
Goku: Here goes!
Yi Xing Long: W- wait! S- stop!
Tags ball, dama, dragon, genki, goku, gt, long, son, vegeta, xing, yi

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