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الجمهورية اليمنية أو اليمن وهي تقع جنوب شبه الجزيرة العربية في جنوب غرب آسيا. يحدها من الشمال السعودية ومن الشرق عُمان. لها ساحل جنوبي على بحر العرب و ساحل غربي على البحر الأحمر.يشرف اليمن على مضيق باب المندب و لديه عدة جزر في البحر الأحمر و بحر العرب أهمها جزيرة سقطرة . كانت حتى عام 1990 تتشكل من دولتين عرفتا باسمي الجمهورية العربية اليمنية في الشمال وجمهورية اليمن الديمقراطية الشعبية في الجنوب
Land of the Queen of Sheba. where coffee
was discovered and its famous port of Moka
history of yemen with a asel abu bakr song
1200 BCE: Rich culture.
950-115 BCE: Kingdom of Sheba, whose riches were based upon caravan trade and agriculture with artificial watering.
Around 400: The Sabaean king of Yemen visits Yathrib in Arabia, and converts to Judaism. He makes it the state religion of Yemen.
7th century: Conversion into Islam, the region joins the Caliphate.
9th century- 1517 Shi'i (Zayyid) dynasties in the north.
1517-1635: Ottoman supremacy.
1538: Aden captured by the Ottomans.
19th century: British establishes a foothold on the southern coast.
1839: The British captures Aden.
1869: The building of the Suez Canal brings Aden to an important position in international trade.
1882- 1918: The British increases its position into most of what became South Yemen (incl. Hadramawt).
1918: (Northern) Yemen gets independence with the fall of the Ottoman Empire.
1918- 34: Conflict between Yemen and the British on the status of Aden and Hadramawt.
1958- 61: Yemen enters a union with United Arab Republic.
1959: Small states in the areas around Aden and in Hadramawt establishes The South Arabian Federation.
1962: Republican coup in Yemen against the Zayyidi Caliph. Civil war starts. Egypt supports the republicans, Saudi Arabia the Caliph's party.
1962: Aden joins The South Arabian Federation.
1967: Civil war ends in the north.
1967: Independence for People's Republic South Yemen.
1969: Communists win a conflict in South Yemen. Name changes to People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (1970).
1970: Treaty between the two groups of the civil war in the north. Republic remains.
1972: Military conflict between the northern and the southern Yemen. Peace treaty concludes with a forthcoming unification of the two countries.
1974: Coup in the north.
1978: Ali Abdallah Salah becomes the new president of the northern Yemen.
1978- 79: Crisis and war between the north and south of Yemen.
1988, 1989: Treaties on unity are signed.
1990: Unification. Ali Abdallah Salah becomes president of the united Yemen.
1991: Referendum on new constitution.
1991- 92: Unstable conditions and popular unrest.
1993: Democratic elections, several parties. Salah remains president.
1993: Disputes between prime minister Abu Bakru l-Attas (from the south) and Salah on the road of unification.
1994: Civil war starts in late spring. Mainly located to the south, around Aden. South declares its new independence in the summer. In the fall the northern forces get too strong, and force the south back to the united country.
yemen is a memeber of the arab and islamic league in thier office in jeddah ksa and cairo egypt.
Yemen is also one of the 200 countries of the un in nyc us
info: none of these pictures are mine but are taken from all over the net as well as the song
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