TF2 - How to play the spy. Video

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EDIT 2: Annotations! Nifty tool this is.
EDIT: A lot of changes have happened to the spy since I posted this video:
- For once, the teleporter trail will NOT appear under you as a spy if you are cloaked or disguised.
- The knife does about 60 damage when not backstabbing, for example you can kill a scout in 3 slashes.
- Backstab detection is really wonky now, and the backstab animation guarantees frustration when warping causes you to miss a lot of kills.
- Remember to cloak first, then disguise, otherwise if you disguise first and cloak, the smoke effect can blow your cover from a mile away.
Decided to make a spy gameplay tutorial after being in a server and seeing spies trying out all sorts of interesting tactics such as "uncloaking in front of your face" and "running towards you disguised with your name".
This is just something based on my playstyle so you might say my tactics don't work, but I can usually come out on top of the scoreboard if the enemy team isn't overly paranoid.
I use certain terms you may not have heard such as:
Front - The area where most of the fighting takes place on a map. This constantly changes during the round and it's the place where you will most likely get shot if you get seen running towards the enemy base.
Blind spot - An area where the enemy team has no vision. Use these blind spots to uncloak safely prior to a backstab.
I haven't actually given any advice on when to use the disguise because basically you should be disguised at all times, except when you are inside your base. You can use the friendly disguise on your part of the map to confuse enemy spies. They won't expect that medic that ran behind them to instantly take them down.
Music credits: Battery soundtrack from Splinter Cell Chaos Theory - Amon Tobin
EDIT: Seems someone dugg me :D
Tags backstab, cloaking, disguise, fortress, gameplay, invisibility, revolver, sapper, spy, team, tf2, tutorial

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