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John Mccain Gets Owned Meet The Press
john, mccain, meet, press, russert, the, tim
Funny Owned Moments
crazy, daft, funny, hilarious, moments, n3os3r, owned, people, punk, stupid
Bill Oreilly Gets Owned Kid
bill, by, funny, gif, kid, o'rielly, oreily, orielly, owned, vid
Sarah Palin Owned Jack Cafferty
alaska, amero, bail, barack, barock, ben, bernanke, biden, borack, borock, bush, cain, cane, condemns, couric, curic, damon, economic, eu, euro, federal, financial, george, governor, hbo, interview, joe, john, joke, katie, katy, mc, mcain, mccain, mccaine, mccane, nader, obama, out, palin, paul, powned, pwned, ralph, reserve, ron, sara, sarah, schaffer, shalom, special
Nancy Grace Owned
accident, animals, blooper, dumb, face, funny, grace, hump, in, live, nancy, owned, pwned, sex, silly, stupid, tv, your
Ultimate Owned Compilation
compilation, owned, pwned, ultimate
Fox News Owned
bill, billo, clinton, election, fox, hillary, news, obama, olberman, owned, rev, write
Ultimate Owned Compilation
compilation, owned, pwned, ultimate
Mccain Lies About Reformer Credentials
john, lies, mccain, reform
Ultimate Owned Compilation
compilation, owned, pwned, ultimate
Bill Oreilly Gets Owned David Letterman
bill, by, david, gets, letterman, oreilly, owned
Sean Hannity Owned Robert Gibbs
08, barack, biden, election, fox, hannity, joe, john, lipstick, mccain, news, obama, owned, palin, pig, republican, sarah, sean
Cops Owned Criss Angel
and, angel, are, cops, criss, fat, gay, owned, paper, patrick, towel
Owned Piece Amv
amv, anime, chopper, comedy, funny, lapen, luffy, music, nami, one, owned, piece, robin, sanji, spoof, usopp, video, zoro
Ann Coulter Gets Owned
ann, canada, coulter, fox, iraq, news, owned, right, war, wing
Adventure Quest Zeruel The Unbeatable 500 Nightbane
130, 500, adventure, aq, battleon, hard, impossible, level, lv, monster, nightbane, quest, strong, tough, unbeatable, zeruel
Phenomenon Jim Callahan Gets Owned Criss Angel
angel, callahan, criss, entertainment, fight, game, geller, illusion, jim, live, magic, mindfreak, nbc, news, phenomenon, trailer, trick, tv, uri, video, youtube
Elisabeth Gets Owned During Mccain Obama Argument
barack, barbra, behar, debates, elisabeth, goldberg, hasselbeck, john, joy, mccain, obama, shepherd, sherri, the, view, walters, whoopi
Social Stupidity Episode 2 You Got Owned
bungie, cm-xwing, cmneir, cmxwing, films, games, halo, halo2, halo3, matchmaking, slayer, social, stupidity, team, video
Are You Puppet Palinroveoreilly Get Owned
bill, breathers, bush, evangelical, fox, fundamentalist, mccain, mouth, news, oreilly, outfoxed, palin, right, tards, wing
God War Ending
boss, cut, cutscenes, ending, fights, god, gow2, gow3, ii, iii, movies, of, scenes, storyline, trailer, war, zeus
Pimp Karate
arts, fights, karate, martial, mma, street
Singer Owned Hockey Game
fail, hockey, ownage, singer
Monica Conyers Debates School Children
children, conyers, monica, school
Scientology Pwned
amv, animation, anime, art, bible, flash, music, news, religion, scientology, video, videos, xenu

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