Bank Shot - 1/2 - The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Video

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Episode Number: 22 Season Num: 1
Vivian tells everyone she is going out of town to give a lecture and leaves Hilary in charge of Carlton and Ashley. But it also means Uncle Phil is in complete control of the house, which makes Will really nervous. When Will asks Philip if he can take the car and go down to the pool hall, Philip says no. But Will notices the keys to the Benz and swipes them and the car.
While Will is at the pool hall, his skills attract the attention of one of the people there. He challenges Will to a game, to which Will accepts at first, but is reluctant when he finds out there would be gambling involved. Will is eventually talked into it by a guy that tells him his opponent is really bad. But it turns out his opponent is an expert player. After the game, Will owes him $500. But since Will only has $200, the men at the pool hall hold the Benz hostage until he can pay the debt in full.
Will returns to the house to find Hilary being a tyrant with Carlton and Ashley. One of the guys from the pool hall went with Will to make sure he gets the money. When Uncle Phil and Geoffrey walk in, they find out everything. Philip is furious Will disobeyed him(AGAIN), but says he'll deal with him later. All three of them go to the pool hall.
Philip confronts the hussler and demands the car. The hussler tells him the only way he gets the car back is if he either pays the debt or wipes it out. Even though Philip says he's never played pool in his life, he is talked into it. He loses horribly, but asks for another chance. The hussler raises the betting to $100 dollars a ball, and Philip agrees. As the hussler turns around to get the table set up, Philip says Geoffrey.brake out Lucille. He takes his coat off while Geoffrey opens his coat and takes out Philip's personal pool cue. When they are done playing, Philip got the car back and made $900.
Back at home, Vivian returns to find Carlton and Ashley begging to never put Hilary in charge again. When Philip walks in with Will, he tells her the two of them had a fun time. She leaves and Will asks Philip why he didn't tell Vivian te truth. Philip says it's a matter between the two of them. Will thanks him for helping him out, and also asks how Philip learned to play pool that good. Philip said he spent time at pool halls when he was younger, and that was why he didn't want Will to go down there. He didn't want anything to happen to him. Will thanks him again, and also thanks him for winning his money back, to which Philip says You're money? I'll play ya for it.
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