Phoenix Wrong: Neo for All 2! Video

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Time5 min
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(Note: This video uses spoiler-free sprites from Gyakuten Saiban/Phoenix Wright 4. For optimal viewing, don't view in full screen or even better, view the Flash version on Newgrounds. Unlike my first video, due to lack of demand, there is no accompanying commentary.)
This is my second Phoenix Wrong project. I honestly believed my first one was good, but after a lot of user feedback, I realized I made some terrible mistakes. It was too long, it dragged on, some of the scenes were very unfamiliar to viewers, and ultimately it wasn't funny enough. My objective was to create the best Phoenix Wrong video ever, but it's safe to say I failed. I felt I owed it to the Phoenix Wright/Wrong community to do one more that not only resolves the issues of my previous video, but takes them a step further, so here it is.
I went to great pains to make this video unique from all the other Phoenix Wrong video's because nowadays, I believe Phoenix Wrong videos are getting too cliche. Because of this, I feel no matter how funny the jokes are, for some, it's simply not funny due to the cliche factor. To resolve this, I instill ambitious and creative scenes that when you watch the majority of them, you'll think, "Wow, that's different." Hopefully, as a result, you'll enjoy the jokes more too.
I hope this video will earn better marks not just with Phoenix Wright fans, but with general audiences as well. Enjoy =).
Armageddon? + Godfather 1
Armageddon? + FamilyGuy
Chain + Lil'Bush + Air Force One
Jim Carrey on MadTV?
Twilight Zone
Randy Savage + Slim Jim
Family Guy
Harvey Birdman
Fullmetal Jacket + Napoleon Dynamite
Prey + girl kissing
? + Fullmetal Jacket + Brian Peppers
World Poker Tour + kissing
Mizura(RadioPlay) + Godfather + WillyWonka
Napoleon Dynamite + XBox 360 sound
Tags neo, phoenix, wright, wrong

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