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Why we did the Ron Paul Rally in Oslo.
Rally for Ron Paul wherever you are!
Call to action.
Drops that burst the dam.
Ron Paul can become President.
YES, it is possible. It might actually actually happen.
Internalize this. Repeat.
The time for action is now. YOUR action.
Do what YOU can, big and small, but do it NOW.
YOUR action counts, no action is to small.
Every droplet counts to burst this dam, every droplet.
Millions and millions of drops.
Drop, drop drop.
Everyone add drops, droplets, buckets, floods as YOU can, but do it!
YOU know who YOU are, YOU know what YOU can do.
The time is NOW, NOW, NOW!
The Ron Paul campaign has largely won online, we must now reach out offline.
Stop thinking, stop considering, stop reading -- get up and reach out offline NOW!
10 things everyone can and should do to add their drops to burst this dam.
MAKE the commitment to yourself to do this, TODAY.
Remember; YOU have the moral high ground on all other possible supporters whatever they say.
1. Talk to your immediate circle of influence. Your family, friends and colleagues.
2. Make that phone call to that old friend. ANY old friend, perhaps even that old friend from Iowa or New Hampshire. Do it, just do it, pick up the phone, call and say "Hi it's .".
3. Make your support for Ron Paul public, in any way possible.
Set up a yardstick on your home, post in your window.
Buy one or print something from the internet.
However large or small, people don't want to act alone, people need confirmation, give them confirmation for Ron Paul.
4. Set up a bumper sticker on your car, buy one or print it from the internet.
Yes, it's a tacky but it works, it gives people confirmation.
5. All politics is local. Make a least one comment on a local forum in your community where people will know or relate to you as a local, YOU as one of them.
6. All politics is local. Contact at least one editor, journalist, priest or publisher in your local community where people will know or relate to you as a local, YOU as one of them.
7. Plan a Caucus Day and Election Day social event, anything. Meeting for a simple cup of coffee at Starbucks, a house party, lunch or dinner at a restaurant or joining up with a Meetup group. Invite your friends to this NOW, very early in the process. People are social and want to belong to a group, give them that.
8. Donate to the Ron Paul campaign. YOU can afford to donate or donate a little more.
9. Of course: Make sure YOU register and vote.
10. Consider throwing yourself into the campaign wholeheartedly doing even more.
Just consider if this is something YOU might actually like to do and be part of.
If it is, act on it.
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