She Got It Like That (Chipmunk) Video

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I made the pitch of "She Got It Like That" by B5 sound like it was sung by Alvin and the Chipmunks. This is my first one, so I apologize if it sounds a bit weird.
Don't talk, just listen
Yo, have you ever thought about being with me
No, I don't mean being with me like just being with me
I mean it as in something that's yours
And nobody else on this earth can touch
And nobody else can mask the feelings that you have for me
And the love that we share is so undeniable
'Cause this is how I feel about you
My lady you know I love her
Nothing else in this world that comes before her
'Cause she's my favorite girl
I keep her laced so properly
And yet I let her push the ride
'Cause she ride for me
My lady I love her
I be textin' her early before she wake up
When we fight I'm the first one tryna make up
Never gonna break up
She's my all
She's my everything
My girl, you know she's got it like that
First thing in the morning I be textin' her phone
Tryna check up on my lady
Tryna see just what she's on
'Cause I got something planned today
Baby gone get fly right away
'Cause my drivers on his way
First off baby we gon' hit the mall
And shorty if you wanna
We can buy it all
'Cause there's no limit when it comes to lacing you
I'll do whatever it takes to please you
Girl you're so amazing
In everything you do
'Cause even when I'm down
You always get me through
'Cause you don't trip when I'm on the road
And when I'm rushing off the phone
You're so incredible
Yeah, we taking trips
Whenever you wanna dip
'Cause that's the least that I can do for you, girl
And I'll never quit
She deserves every bit of it
And if I could I would give her the world, oh
*Carnell*, /Bryan/, (Patrick)
*You mean everything to me*
/Can't afford to let you go/
*I won't stand without you here beside me*
/You bring out the best in me
That's why I gotta let you know
That for you, girl, I'd give anything/
*Girl, no matter what, oh
I would lose it all, oh*
(If it could be the cause of me losing you)
/Yeah, there's nothing I'd ever put before my girl/
('Cause the love that we got is true, oh)
P.S. I take requests, just as long as the song's not on Youtube in chipmunk form already.
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