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This is an actual vid with Ravers Fantasy By Tune-Up! The Vid is KH2FM+ Secret ending movie.ENJOY!
Yeah.i didn't really do anything to this vid except put the song on it and it fit perfectly.so yeah.
What i know is that there are 3 new KH games coming out probably within the next 1-2 years.
Their names are:
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days: Will be out for the DS, The story focuses more on Roxas and his time in Organization 13 and may also feature a 14th member of Organization 13.screwed up isn't it?
Kingdom Hearts:Birth By Sleep - Will be out for the PSP focuses more on the keyblade war and the characters Aqua Ven and Terra.the keyblade war is said to have happened before Sora was even born.
Kingdom Hearts:Coded - Will be out for the mobile phone.it is in very good development and is said to have pretty good graphics for being released on the mobile phone. It's story focuses on a Digital Version of Sora in a digitized world.
And that is all i know about the three new KH games.
Oh and KH3 May be referring to the 3 new games coming out or it could just mean that there is an actual Kingdom Hearts 3 coming out.
AND it is very likely that KH3(if there is one) will be out for the PS3.Tetsuya Nomura(the creator)has stated in an interview "We will not be using PS2 anymore, we are more focused on releasing our games for the PS3"
yeah, he said something like that.
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