Rock Band 2: Panic Attack Expert Drums Video

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Loading: Apparently, Dream Theatre has the same lengthy taste as Metallica and Dragonforce
Yup, I got Rock Band 2, and it only took me two days to get the Buy a Real Instrument Already achievement (The achievement where you pass the Impossible challenge on any instrument on Expert, this was obtained on drums for me) Technically 5 hours actually when you put only actual game time together. This is one of the Impossible drumming songs. I don't care how bad I did, I just wanted to get a video up ASAP, and there was really no deep thought in the OD path either. I might as well post this before I get requests saying "Hey kkoser! Do Dream Theatre!" I don't mind playing this song actually, in fact, I kinda like it. This song takes quite a bit of stamina to play. The setlist in Rock Band 2 is amazing.
Also, I mentioned Dragonforce, I will think it stereotypically of you Dream Theatre fans to make a random comment saying "Dragonforce sucks!" This is just a video showing off the drum chart for one of the most popular songs in the game. Not a video to start a Dragonforce vs Dream Theatre war. I'm not comparing the bands' skills at all, just comparing the lengths of their songs. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I would appreciate if you refrain from the Dream Theatre vs Dragonforce wars. It just makes you look like completely obsessed fan boys and it doesn't make you special. Seriously, when I found some Halo 3 video with a Dragonforce song in it, I was all like "Nice touch adding Dragonforce to that part" then some random Dream Theatre fan decides to start a fight with me. I'm not saying all Dream Theatre fans are like this, but I do find that a majority of them on Youtube like to start Dragonforce vs Dream Theatre wars. Again, please refrain from starting these wars.
Also, no console wars please, just because you only have a Wii (Rock Band 2has not come out for Wii yet) and you can't get Rock Band 2. Honestly, nobody cares how much you wine about it.
So down below are some questions you might want answered.
Q) Where are the cymbals?
A) I'm using my Rock Band drum set so there are no cymbals.
Q) What are those things on your pads?
A) Silencers
Q) Are you using the metal foot pedal?
A) Nope
Q) In overdrive hits, if you had cymbals, would it count those?
A) Yes.
Q) How'd you get the game early?
A) Uh, just did.
Q) I could probably do this and I'm only 9 years old.
A) Guess what, no-one cares how old you are.
Q) Do you play drums in real life?
A) No, but I do have a friend who used to teach me drumming techniques in class and so I decided to use them in the game, and some of them work out quite well. She also helped me develop a loose grip.
Q) It's spelled "Theater" not "Theatre"
A) Theatre is the British way of spelling it, so there's not much of a difference.
Q) Actually, Dream Theater is an American band so you can't do that.
A) Theater Theater Theater Theater Theater Theater Theater Theater Theater Theater Theater Theater Theater Theater Theater Theater Theater! Happy?
Q) How old are you?
A) 18
Q) Get a life and play a real instrument, faggot!
A) So I don't have a life just because I'm good at a video game? I can definitely see how great your life must be. Also, I play piano.
Q) OMFGzorz, Y R tere onry half teh bass notes?!
A) It's only a one bass pedal game. Adding double bass notes to a game with only one pedal would be fricken retarded.
Q) They should've put double bass in RB2
A) It'd be cool, but there would be alot of problems with that: They would have to account for people who only have RB drum sets. Also, there are many people who would find double bass to be difficult to grasp, even people who play real drums.
Q) You think this song is hard? Look at Visions!
A) If you want my opinion on it, this song is harder to pass than Visions. Visions is just fast, while this song has alot more technical manuevers that can confuse you.
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