Mary Win - Pighead Pride (Original) Video

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"Pighead Pride"
Words & music by Mary Win.
Copyright © 2008 Mary Win. All rights reserved.
Shoulders straight my will is standing high
You seem to only recognize my lies
Clearly see that time will not take my side
Forever left to face the past again and again
With no rewind
Loving rise
Morning's good this time
But it ain't always gonna be that kind
Clearly see that time will not take my side
Forever left to face the past again and again
With no rewind
So I'm standing alone
This pain it leaves me sober
Rejection is unknown
Unwinding gets slower
No rewind
Can't close my mind
Refuse to fight
Your, oh your pigheaded pride
Oh your pigheaded pride
Oh your pigheaded pride.
★ MY MULTILINGUAL TAGS ★ Please message me with any corrections or to add a language. It is appreciated.
FRENCH - Musique Indépendante Non signée Birmanie Birmanne Américaine Asiatique Guitare Électrique Chanteur Chanson Initiale Acoustique Parolie
ARABIC - سماعيّة [إلكتريك غيتر] مغنية [سنغوريتر] أغنية أصليّة [أونسند] مستقلّة صخرة لون موسيقى بورما آسيويّة أمريكيّة بورميّ سياتل
SPANISH - Música Independiente Sin firmar Birmania Birmana Americana Asiática Guitarra Eléctrica Cantante Canción Acústica Compositor
RUSSIAN - Акустический Электрической Гитары Певца Песенник Оригинальной Песни Неподписанной Скалы Музыкальная Азиатская Американская Бирманская Бирма Сиэтл
GERMAN - Akustische Elektrische Gitarre Sängerin Liedermacher Eigenkomposition ohne Plattenvertrag Asiatisch Amerikanisch Birmanisches Burmesisch Birma
MANDARIN - 音響電吉他歌唱家歌曲作者原始歌曲未簽名的獨立搖滾樂亞洲美國緬甸西雅圖
ITALIAN - Acustica Chitarra Elettrica Cantante Cantautrice Canzone Originale indipendente Musica Asiatica Americana Birmana Birmania
PORTUGUESE - Música Independente Não assinada Americana Canção Acústica autora Guitarra Elétrica
JAPANESE - アコースティック エレキギター 歌手 シンガーソングライター オリジナル曲 ロック ミュージック 音楽 アジア ビルマ系アメリカ人 シアトル
DUTCH - Akoestisch Elektrische Gitaar Zangeres teksschrijver / liedjesschrijver origineel lied niet getekend Rock muziek Aziatisch Americaans Birmaans Birma
I started posting videos so I can share my music with people all over the world. As for me, I always seem to be watching funny kittens & puppies or any other super cute pet videos. Yes, I admit to being a cat person. Dogs are cool but cats curl up on your keyboard when you're working and give you an excuse to sit on your butt. I enjoy Family Guy, love Robot Chicken, SNL, Inuyasha, Naruto (most anime), Fruits Basket, American Idol and old Westerns. The Office is a great comedy but very embarrassing (secret crush on Dwight). A lot of people ask if I'm either Chinese, Taiwanese, Filipino / Pinay, Korean, Japanese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Laotian, Thai, Cambodian, even Irish!? Well, these are all fine people but I'm proud to be one-hundred percent Burmese by ethnicity and American by culture.
And now a little rant. I've noticed something about females in my generation. I live by a skate-park and everytime I pass-by "busty teen babes" just sit idly on their hands, acting sexy, as guys perform skateboard tricks and stunts (not idle). The girls' dress code is the "all empowering" "look at my breasts" camisoles or the popular "I just got boobs" tank top, paired with hot ultra low rider "look at my pubic bone" jeans, thong or g-string. Being half nude sex objects for boys to show off to one another is a dead-end road girl.
Anyway, hope I didn't bore you but I'm a yapper.
Tags acoustic, american, burmese, electric, genz-ben, guitar, original, ovation, rock, rode, schecter, shure, singer, songwriter, unsigned

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