Sailor Moon Anime/Manga Comparison 3 Video

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Before watching this video, please be sure to have read the top half of the video description for Part 1 of this series so that you understand what this project is all about. You can find Part 1 here:
comparison is between episode 46 of the anime and acts 12 & 13 of the manga. The scene being compared is the one in which Sailor Moon defeats Queen Metalia/Beryl at the end of Season 1. Overall, the manga seems to emphasize the power within Sailor Moon herself, rather than portraying Princess Serenity as her most powerful form. The manga also shows Sailor Moon receiving help from all her loved ones (including Luna and Mamoru) rather than just her friends (the four inner senshi).
'Darien' = 'Mamo-chan'
'Bunny' = 'Usagi'
MANGA SCENARIO: In Act 11, Queen Beryl was killed by Sailor Venus with a sacred sword from the Moon Kingdom. After a struggle between the Sailor Senshi and evil Endymion, which ended with Sailor Moon stabbing Endymion and then herself with the sacred sword, an unconscious Sailor Moon and Endymion were swallowed up by Queen Metalia. Sometime during the process, Endymion/Mamoru was blinded. Luna and Artemis go to the moon to seek the aid of the spirit of Queen Serenity. Meanwhile, the four senshi use the power from their transformation pens, the same thing as laying down their lives, to attack Metalia and try to awaken Sailor Moon from within Metalia.
In the manga, Sailor Moon battles Queen Metalia, rather than a combination of Beryl and Metalia.
Manga Mamoru is physically there to help Sailor Moon in the fight against Metalia.
The manga shows Luna's devotion to Usagi to be much deeper than it is in the anime.
Manga Sailor Moon does not turn into Princess Serenity in order to defeat Metalia.
The background music playing during the manga part is "Kurenai" by Yoshiki.
The images you see are not full manga pages. I split the pages into pieces so that the image can be bigger on the screen, allowing you to read the words more easily. I also excluded some panels that were not crucial to this particular comparison in order to shorten the video length.
There are websites where you can download the scans of the entire manga series! Please feel free to message me or comment this video to ask for a link to such a website. I'll be more than happy to send it to you! ^_^
Please rate & comment! Suggestions for future comparisons are welcome!
Tags 12, 13, 46, act, anime, beryl, bishoujo, bunny, comparison, darien, endymion, episode, mamoru, manga, moon, sailor, senshi, serena, usagi

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