FlonneAdmirer's customized Pokemon Trainer cards Video

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Time5 min
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This is FlonneAdmirer's latest video. All the Trainer Cards you see right here are customized by yours truly, ME!! I edited them all using Adobe Photoshop CS 2.0. The trainers featured are characters from Disgaea 2. So I hope you enjoy watching it! ^/^ Pick your favorite trainer! XD
I forgot to tell that ALL THEIR POKEMON ARE LVL 100! OK? So don't underestimate them! They have well balanced movesets too! ;D
All Pokémon have been selected properly so that not only they will fit the trainer and his/her personality, but also to have a variety of types so that they won't be pwned by a single Pokémon type.
Can you find:
1. All the shiny Pokémon? All shiny Pokémon have been labeled with "Shiny" in them.
2. And identify all the Pokémon which have showed twice??
You can make your own Trainer Card too! It's possible in MS Paint. How? Click here for a tutorial:
QUICK EDIT: 04-05-08
NO! I completely forgot all about Jumpluff!! T_T *sigh* The Jumpluff you see in there is also a SHINY one! I forgot to put a label on her maybe because it got mixed up with my job. She's counted too, just no label. I'm terribly sorry that I forgot the label.. X/x
Honors received for April 5, 2008:
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Pokémon belongs to Nintendo. Disgaea belongs to Nippon Ichi Software. Pokémon and Disgaea ARE NOT related with each other.
All sprites of Disgaea 2 credited to Crimson Penguin:
All Pokémon sprites credited to Pokémon Elite 20:
BGM used: The One Who Is Always In the Forest
Artist: Manabu Namiki, Masaharu Iwata
Album: Mushihimesama Original Sound Track
This video is purely fan made and is not associated with the mentioned companies in any way. This video belongs to FlonneAdmirer. Stealing this vid or claiming this vid as your own is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.
Tags adell, axel, card, disgaea, etna, flonne, hanako, laharl, pokmon, rozalin, taro, trainer, yukimaru

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