Cupid Shuffle Remix With Lyrics Video

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[Dj Unk:]
Bottlesz Up In The Club The Remyz Off The Chain The Shuffle
Is The Dance Grandma Do It With Her Cane D.J Unk They Kno
My Name Im Beatn Down Yo Block 2 Step Now Gon And Shuffle
Plus I Got The Block On Lock
[Hook:] Down Down Do Ya Dance Do Ya Dance [x4]
They Say Im A Rappa And I Say No They Say What You Doing
Tryna Do Some Hot And Cold I Just Let The Music Come From
My Soul So All Of My People Can Stay On The Floor They Got
A Brand New Dance Itz Called The Cupid Shuffle It Do't Matta
If Ya Young Or Old We Gon Show You How It Go
To The Right To The Right
To The Right To The Right
To The Left To The Left
To The Left To The Left
Now Kick Now Kick Now Kick Now Kick
Now Walk It By Yo Self Walk It By Yo Self
[Hook x2]
Get Down Do Yo Move Look Down Brand New Shoez Shuffle Wit
It He 2 Kool Dancing Like A Fool Down South This Is True Kick Off
Ya Shoez U Gon Get Loose Err Body Groove Itz Me So Aint No
Rules Watch Him Do It Pick N Choose Walk It Out Like Red And
Blue Make Him Bring The Evening Grooves We Mash Potatoes
We Shake When We Do But U Get Down Down Do Yo Dance
When Im Dancing Wid U
[Hook x2]
[D.J Unk:]
The Partys Off The Chain And Unk Gon Keep It Jumpin And
Cupid Got The Shuffle Yet The Do Steady Thumpin The Girls
Get Excited I C They Off The Yam 2 Steppin On The Flo
And Screamin Girl Dys Ma Jam Now Put Yo Handz Up High Baby
Bend Ya Back Lo And U Gon And Walk It Out All Over The
Dance Floor Lool We Got Em Getting Jiggy The Sop What
They Sippin If U Can Shuffle Itz The Hustle So Every Body Can Get It
[Hook x2]
Tags cupid, lyrics, remix, shuffle

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