Mario Kart DS - Blue Shell Dodging Video

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Clips of Blue Shell Dodging per 150cc Track
Q] How do you dodge a Blue Shell?
A] There are a few steps on how to dodge the "Blue Shell".
* You hear the "Blue Shell" coming, Start to do a full "Mini-Turbo" (Red Sparks) but don't release/use the boost yet (Holding down R Button).
* "Blue Shell" appears in your screen and it starts to circle around. Then suddenly it stops!
* Make sure your vehicle is turning very sharp acute angle for maximum speed. During the last step, Use the "Mini-Turbo" (Release R Button) and then tap same button again to jump.
* Good Job you dodged the "Blue Shell!!" (~_^)b
Q] Is "Blue Shell" dodging only on 150cc?
A] 150cc can be dodged
100cc Never tried myself but I've been told its harder and possible.
50cc/Wifi Never (not including powerups like Ghost)
Q] Can all character dodge "Blue Shell"?
A] Yes, characters like Browser is hard, as you need to make sure you have top speed, low acceleration characters are just harder to use. Light weight vehicles are the best to start getting used to this.
Q] Your Favourite character?
A] Toad of course! :D
In my opinion Yoshi is the most popular and best character to start off.
Q] What is the purpose of this video?
A] Skill showing really. If you have a chance to show off, don't hesitate! :D
Q] Will you make a video on a "Blue Shell Dodging tutorial?"
A] Not at the moment yet.
Q] Is this hacks?
A] First analyze the game before you accuse myself/people of hacking. Just because you can't do it, doesn't mean it is hacks. Skill is needed thank you.
Q] Why won't you accept my Wifi Challenge?
A] I have a lot of people asking to race them, Result is the same. What do I mean you say? Read the next question please:-
Q] Do you go on Wifi Mario Kart?
A] Nope, not anymore, every time I'm winning a race there is always someone who loves to force disconnect before the race finish. Annoying.
Q] Can you dodge Red shells?
A] Well not really (not including Star, Ghost and Bullet Bill etc).
You can how ever block it with Banana, Shells, Box etc. Keep an eye on how the Red Shell chasing you, on some track angles it can hit you from the side. Make sure you get in it's way. But only do that if you are dragging an item as defense. =)
Tags blue, dodging, ds, kart, mario, mushmellow, nintendo, powerslide, shell, toad

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