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This is the new korean audition mode
Ballroom Dance Mode
1st video is me playing in first person in the mode and 2nd part is a third person view of the video
This mode is uberly laggy X__X since its like sortof like couple mode and it kept changing moves on me T__T like while i was pressing the keys it wuold suddenyl change -.- so annoying.
anyways uhm have fun ^^
Song is Can Can (Acoustic Mix)- 150bpm
Information about this mode:
It's like Club Dance mode, in the sense that you need 3 guys and 3 girls in order to start a game. This time though, all the opposite gender characters are greyed out. Each guy and girl is assigned their own colour first of all.At the top, there are top hat icons and flower icons. The top hats represent the male partner's score for that color team, and the flower the girl's. The number in between the two dancing partners is the total score between the two.You'll notice that you can now see the avatar of the character you're dancing with, but not the other two. The moves are generally singles style, and once in a while switches to couples mode.. I don't think we've figured out when this happens yet.When you are done dancing with your partner, you have a chance to give them a clover. When the characters bow to each other, you can choose to press space bar or not if you liked your partner's performance. This is added to their score. Once you change partners, your previous partner becomes greyed out, and the partner you switched to becomes visible.At the end of the song, the party king and party queen are determined by the most number of clovers for each gender. Note that just because you are selected for party king/queen, it doesn't mean your partner will be picked also. It's based strictly for each player.Then after that, there's a clover roulette that can land on what I can guess is bonus stuff for the red, blue, or green team, or all.After that round, the party king will have a top hat over his head, and the party queen will have a flower over her head, which I guess will switch between players as they win different rounds. Please let me know what to add.change and I will edit this post. It's kinda hard to tell with some of these things cuz.. like club dance, it's hella laggy.. And one last pic just for the hell of it
-Credits go to Aevitas for posting this on the audition forums thanks a lot ^__^
Tags audition, ballroom, dance, irtehuber1337sauce, korean, mode, pwnage, trainxiii

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