Sonic GL Fan Game Video

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03/09/07 : -__-', I've ever said that me the Sonic GL Maker
Fan Games, Sonic GL
Jêrome bosser (Sonic GL's Maker) say :
Hello everyone! Thanks for all your support, I haven't updated the site since a while (one year and half.), sorry.
I decided stop making Sonic GL when Sega annonced their Sonic Next Gen, I was thinking that they could release PC games and I don't want to compete with it or they will surely shut down this website ( like SquareSoft done with Chrono project. without reason in fact cause they don't use this licence anymore )
and of course I like Sega and I would like they manage to success like they done in the past.
I haven't played the nextgen Sonic because after seeing video and screens I think that they missed their opportunity to make revive the Sonic License.
When I stopped Sonic GL, I was making special stages
in 3D like those in Sonic3/&K with red and blue balls (I LOVE those special stages)
and some crazy races against Ferrari, F14., and Metal Sonic, very funny.
Now I'm in Tokyo for 3 month, last year I've started my own company in computer development, and actually I'm making games for mobile devices (If only I can have Sonic license :-[, I'll make a 2D game that every sonic fans waiting for)
I don't know yet if I will continue Sonic GL.
Sega doesn't matter about this game, maybe I'll try to make them take a look at it, If one of you could write a mail in Japanese to Sega lol.
See you soon for updates and let me know if many people are waiting for SonicGL..
If someone have any special request : bosser_jerome at
Thank a lot,
Tags blue, dr, dr.eggman, eggman, fangames, gl, hedgehog, herisson, hrisson, knuckles, knux, ring, rings, robotnik, sonic, speed, tails, the

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